Sunday, March 24, 2013

Fireball Lights Up East Coast & Social Media; "Not Man-Made," says NORAD | VIDEO

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Fireball Over East Coast 3-23-13

Hopkins Automotive Security Cam

By Chandler Friedman and Greg Botelho

     . . . The Federal Aviation Administration fielded calls about a meteor from Virginia to Maine, said agency spokeswoman Arlene Salac.

So what exactly was it?

Michael Kucharek, a spokesman for NORAD, said his agency heard about the sightings, too, and can confirm it was not from anything man-made, like a plane or falling satellite.

It may be a meteor, which NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory defines as "light phenomena" from a meteoroid -- which is itself a comet or asteroid orbiting the sun -- that "enters the Earth's atmosphere and vaporizes." . . .


  1. Looks more like a UFO

  2. Good Afternoon, Frank.

    Seems slow for a meteor. Perhaps it was running out of gas.

    New look is nice. It loads a little faster on my system.


  3. Mornin' Bob & Linda,

    Having inspected several meteor videos, the slow moving illusion is not uncommon. That said, most reports so far have not definitively labeled it a meteor, meteorite, or meteoroid (yet), thus it remains a UFO . . ..

    Re the site: Thanks Bob, still have a long way to go. Speed for us on our systems has been dramatically increased–which was our primary goal.

    By the way, the site is best viewed using anything but IE (preferably FireFox); the "text effects" aren't rendered in any version of IE except the very latest version, e.g., "Internet Explorer 10" (or so they say).



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