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Mysterious, Purple Spheres Found in the Desert | UFO NEWS

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Mysterious, Purple Spheres Found in the Desert 2-3-13

By Liz Kotalik

     TUCSON (KGUN-9) - It was a normal Sunday in Vail for Geradine Vargas. Normal, until she and her husband stumbled upon something kind of weird.

"We were taking photos around the area and we just.... I mean, how could you miss this?" Geradine said. "It was just like glittering in the sun."

Thousands of tiny, purple-hued spheres piled in the middle of nowhere.

"It's just one of those things that you've never seen before."

They were watery, some where translucent, and the pile was completely isolated. Gerardine was amazed, and she wanted answers.


  1. You guys do this all the time: you post a video when you should write an article. Everyone can skim an article, and only read closely the parts they are really interested in. In a video presentation, we have to watch and listen to whatever drivel the producer put together.

    I, for one, won't do it. I find these headlines on Rense, they're interesting, I click, I find your stupid videos, I click away. We're done.

    If, instead of hit-and-run viewers who just aren't interested in your presentation, you want actual viewers, the solution is simple: actually write.

  2. These could never be something like TOAD EGGS, right?

  3. they are water spheres you use themfor plants to hold water in the soil

    these are just decorative ones lol

    polyacrylate i think


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