Sunday, February 10, 2013

Is 'Tomorrowland' Movie About That 'UFOs are Real' TV Show Which Disney Almost Made Back in the 1950s?

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Walt Disney Pictures and Memorabilia (Edt 400px)

Is Brad Bird's "Tomorrowland" movie about that "UFOs are real" TV show which Walt Disney Productions almost made back in the 1950s?

By Jim Hill

     For three weeks now, photos of a mysterious bankers box have been making the rounds on the Web. Brad Bird and Damon Lindelof reportedly deliberately put these images out there to help whet people's appetites for "Tomorrowland," the sci-fi -themed project that these two wrote which is based on a concept that Lindelof and "Entertainment Weekly" writer Jeff Jensen originally came up with.

"So what's this motion picture actually supposed to be about?," you ask. Well, as Matthew Jackson recounted in his October 2012 article for Blastr, "Tomorrowland" 's origin can be traced back to ...

... a 2011 meeting between Lindelof and Disney exec Sean Bailey. During that meeting, Bailey apparently brought out a box dating back to the days of WED Enterprises, Walt Disney's personal development lab that later gave birth to Disney's "Imagineers." The box was originally labeled "That Darn Cat ," but had been relabeled "1952." Inside were materials related to some long since abandoned Disney project (maybe a movie, maybe a ride) about aliens.
. . . I believe that this upcoming Walt Disney Pictures release (which is due to hit theaters on December 19, 2014) uses a behind-the-scenes story that the late Ward Kimball loved to tell as its jumping-off point. Where -- during the mid-1950s -- the U.S. government supposedly approached Walt Disney and then asked for his help in producing a TV show that would eventually be used to break the news to the American public that UFOS are real.

Which -- I know -- sounds kind of bizarre. But you have to remember that -- back during World War II -- Walt Disney Studios made all sorts of training films for the U.S. military. And many of these movies made use of classified material. And given the care & discretion that Disney staffers had shown while working on these super-secret training films ... Well, it would only stand to reason that -- were military officials looking for someone in Hollywood to help produce a television program of a highly sensitive nature which would then have to be shot in utter secrecy ... Given that the brass at the Pentagon already had this history / working relationship with Walt, it would only make sense that they'd reach out to Walt Disney Productions when it came to a super-secret project like this. . . .

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