Friday, January 18, 2013

UFOs On The Moon: Scientists, Astronauts And YouTube Users Report Strange Sightings | VIDEO

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UFOs On The Moon - Scientists, Astronauts And YouTube Users Report Strange Sightings


     People claim to videotape UFOs in the sky above Earth. They also spot unusual-looking objects in NASA camera feeds at the International Space Station.

Now, a growing number of individuals insist they're using their telescopes and cameras to reveal UFOs around the moon, according to the International Business Times.

Many odd things have been seen by amateur and professional astronomers on the moon over decades, and YouTube affords the opportunity to look at alleged UFOs flying across, toward and away from our nearest astronomical neighbor. . . .


  1. It sure looks real to me ! Of course it's never going to be admitted. They can't, because the thieves running this world are using every thing to their advantage. Disclosure, what a joke, we've had disclosure many times over as this video, or say the Tether video shows. I don't think the Base Commander at Roswell put it the paper because he did not know better, but was the best chance to get the word out before there were any controls in place to prevent such a disclosure.

    9 Billion of us being swindled out of a better life because of a select few vermin, there is no other name for them, running roughshod over humanity for their own gain. It's no mistake or accident that the countries the U.S is invading or waging proxy wars over are one's that don't use usury, and use their natural resources to help their own citizens. We're so delusional, so mind controlled that most cannot separate fact from fiction. Holohoax, 9-11,JFK, Pearl Harbor, Sandy Hook, whatever, our history as taught to us is a total lie.

    If the data shown on poleshift.ning is real, and planet X is real, then it's not going to be long in coming that day of reckoning for all of us.

  2. Anonymous11:54 AM

    We got all kinds of wars going on. Real physical contact wars, mind wars, cyber wars, health wars, etc.. You name it. It's all there and it's real whether you believe or not. IF we have the space shuttle, then yes, flying spacecrafts are real. "UFOs...".

    IF we have a space station, then yes, there gotta be another one out there that we cannot see. If we can land on mars with robots, then yes what would stop another civilization from sending "robots" to earth? So.. DUH... whether you believe or not, it does NOT matter. It's there and will continue being there, AS LONG we have them also.

    We live in a narcissistic - paranoid environment. Everything is real as long we have it as real. We got vehicles.. flying machines, so yup.. they're real. We're beginning to understand nano technology, DNA technology, etc.. Yup they're real.

    50 years time span for our advancing computing power? Woots.. yup they're real. Its pretty quick though. Why didn't we do this before?, why didn't we have computers 2000 years ago? or something like that? Could you imagine.. if we have invented computer technologies 2000+ years ago, our technology today would be so INSANE...

    So YUP they're real... again, AS LONG we have them also. If we can find alien life on another planet, no matter what size they are, no matter what they are, yup.. they're real.

    My point? People are going to have to ACCEPT that these things are real. No MATTER if you believe or not. IF we do not HAVE it, then it must not be real?.

    All things on EA-RTH, EARTH, are categorized. For example - We have a vehicle, named as a 'car'. It's a car, no matter what size it is, no matter what it is, no matter how fancy it is, but as long it's a car that we use for transportation, ITS A CAR. Same goes with planes and space crafts.

    When was the last time we've invented something that we need to hide it from the prying eyes of government? Yup it's real. WE invent something, it has to be real. Right?

    -my 2 cents.



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