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"Cardwell is on Full UFO Alert Following Sightings of Strange Lights" | UFO NEWS - AUSTRALIA | VIDEO

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UFO - Strange lights in Cardwell (Crpd) 1-3-13

UFO - Strange lights in Cardwell 1-3-13


     Local businessman Greg Smith said he and his son watched the lights for 15 minutes and are convinced that what they saw was some sort of UFO.

``This was a couple of months ago. I used to be the world's biggest sceptic about this stuff, but I'll tell you what, this really rattled me and my son,'' he said.

Mr Smith said they watched the lights from the front of the Lyndoch Motel on the highway towards the northern end of the town.

``There were two large orange lights. There was no beam and no noise. It was absolutely silent and they were moving slowly across the sky towards the north-west. We couldn't tell if the lights were from one or two machines. At first we thought they were over buildings between the highway and the beach, but other people said they were just out over the water,'' he said.

Mr Smith said he thought it must have been one or two helicopters, but discounted the possibility due to the fact there was no noise.

``And the lights were orange and there was no beam. Navigation lights on aircraft are green and red and they flash on and off . These were orange and they didn't flash,'' he said.

Cardwell resident Phil Mulley and his wife Helen saw the lights on two consecutive nights. . . .

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