Wednesday, December 26, 2012

"The Object was Rectangular in Shape and Had Two Large White Round Lights Equidistant From Each Other" | MY UFO EXPERIENCE

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Reader Submitted Report

     I just watched a video clip of Stanton Friedman speaking on an on air show, apparently from some years ago, but decided to describe my sighting...and I don't care who knows.

My sighting was in Haverhill, MA on September 7, 2012 about 8:30 pm. I was returning from a store driving with the convertible top down because it was a warm evening and as I drove up a hill, I noticed something large, black with twinkling white lights around its edges. I shut off the radio (which was not disturbed by this objects presence...nor the car engine or electrical system) and could see each time the white lights blinked that it had a shape of slightly upturning sides. I was curious and kept watching it each time the lights blinked. It had a black matte type finish...slightly gray almost and it didn't have any apparent wings because I saw none. It didn't have a red strobe light underneath either.

I pulled off the road at the first right I could take and parked to watch it. The back side of the object was rectangular in shape and had two large white round lights equidistant from each other in the middle of this side. The object had no rotors and was silent. It didn't make any noise at all and was located about one hundred or more feet up in the sky hovering over a church in town.

It then began to silently drift away and I turned the car around and tried to follow, but the object was gone by the time I could get back onto the main road. I drove off in its approximate distance, but couldn't make eye contact with it again and assumed it had "taken off"...gone.

I wasn't scared or nervous, but was just surprised that people always hear about UFO's, but I wasn't prepared to actually see one.

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  1. very interesting report it also goes along with that my borhter told me. He was driving the back road in haverhill into Nh and he saw the same type of craft and said it was just like a big black triangle hovering above the tree lines and he did mention small white lights.

    I have personally seen 3 ufos while living here In haverhill on sighting was On 4th ave at around 3.30 am I was waiting with a friend outside his cousins house after a concert and all a sudden all around us and the street was a bright electric blue light My friend ran into the back of the house and looked up and saw what he described as a rip in the sky and a cigar shaped craft going into the rip


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