Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Huge UFO Photographed Over Macungie, Pennsylvania | UFO NEWS | PHOTO

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UFO Over Macungie, Pennsylvania 10-21-12

By Roger Marsh
The Examiner

     Five Pennsylvania witnesses reported watching "a large, brightly-lit object hovering over Macungie" that soon disappeared without movement or sound, according to December 17, 2012, testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

The MUFON field investigator completed the written report after conducting an interview with two of the family members and a neighbor at the scene. There was a series of UFO sightings in Pennsylvania the same week in the same general area and the other cases are detailed below.

One family member was outside packing a vehicle when the object was first noticed.

"At approximately 8:05 on the evening of October 21st, 2012, the main witnesses' son-in-law was outside packing up his car to return to his home out-of-state with his wife, the main witnesses' daughter. He called his mother-in-law to come outside on the back porch to see an object in the sky. Their back porch faces south, and this object was seen slightly to the left looking toward the southeast. They were joined on the porch by the main witnesses' husband and daughter."

After retrieving a camera and cell phone, the main witness took photos on her camera and the son-in-law took video with his cell phone. The main witnesses' husband used binoculars to view the object and a neighbor was called to witness the event. All witnesses agreed that the night was cloudless with many stars visible, but no moon.

The main witness described the light as being very large and very bright like a full moon.

"It had two sets of lights surrounding a central light (i.e. a circle of lights surrounding a smaller circle of lights with a light in the center), yet it looked spherical," the main witness stated. "The lights were blue, green, and amber in color and did not blink or pulsate, but seemed to flicker or twinkle - none went out at any time while the object was visible."

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  1. How did they know it was "huge"; did they flap their arms to get up to it and measure it with a tape measure?

    THIS IS A BUNCH OF HELIUM BALLOONS with light sticks (or some such) in them...

    Now, GO AHEAD AND DELETE MY POST, just because I called you out for foolishness....


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