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Personality Driven Ufology: The Id vs. The Phenomenon

Personality Driven Ufology: The Id vs. The Phenomenon

     I am going to attempt to do something that is very rare in this field. I am going to refrain from naming names that are prominent in it. Especially ones that come to mind by simply having read the title of this article. Why? It would be counterproductive to what I am trying to accomplish here. Be
By Erik Stitt
© 2010-2012
forewarned. This is a rant and I feel it needs to be said. I doubt it will do any good.

In a previous article I stated that many of the key players in Ufology have begun to ditch it for a broader lens to look at it through as well as just to keep their sanity or what little is left of it, intact. I left out another major reason. At least in my view as a "little guy" in this field. Ufology has become a dumping ground of finger pointing snarky iconoclasts hell bent to destroy their perceived opposition and in some cases it seems that a fictitious opposition was manufactured just for the sake of conflict. Drama. To get headlines perhaps? To get attention good or bad at all costs? This is celebrity or the wanton drive and obsession for it and it really has no place whatsoever in Ufology or any other field of investigation.

Since when did phenomena take a back seat to the individuals studying it? What happened to the awe of the subject matter? Has society become so petty and egocentric that it finds the figures investigating the unknowable more fascinating than the topic of investigation itself? It would appear to be so. And how sad it is that not only has Ufology's prominent figures become celebritized, they now seem to be so desperate for the status and attention their celebrity has brought them, they will attack fellow researchers or investigators just to keep the lime light. Where is the Ufology in this? Appalling, sophomoric tactics and innocuous accusations are blinding them, if not everyone, to the actual study! The actual phenomenon! No wonder a lot of folks want nothing to do with this field of study. It's not because it is not interesting or compelling but because its progenitors with all manor of antics have driven them away. It's a dog eat dog mad house.

Ufology has become the Jerry Springer (my only name dropped in this article) of Paranormal investigation and it should be ashamed of itself for that. What a fine example it has set for the rest of esoterica to follow and following it is. Craptastic Paranormal television with its "anyone can be an expert" mentality has perhaps followed the lead and example as laid out by Ufology's biggest personalities as of late. The M.O. is the same. The unfounded claims backed by sensationalized media use and abuse followed closely by a false sense of authority in the subject and the unconscionable act of antic behavior towards those that would oppose them and all of it wrapped up in a book or DVD deal. Crap.

A classic example without naming names, is a well known fiasco making waves in the very foundation of Ufology. The questionable application of regressive hypnotherapy to abductees has been a controversial sore spot for awhile but as of late it is now becoming apparent as to why that is. Key players in a role of self-made authority I think are prone to abusing those that can be to keep their authority status and the imaginary power it seems to bring them. It is all a house of cards and a wind is picking up only it is not coming from the swelled headed blowhards in Ufology but those, like myself, the little guy, who are sick of the circus freak kneejerk reactions of these self proclaimed experts in the field who don't seem to actually want to study it but somehow get rich off of it by cornering some little make-believe nugget or aspect of it.

I don't know why these folks are acting in this bizarre fashion or what their motivation could be other than the sad belief that there is money and power in it. It's even more of a mystery it seems than the Paranormal Realm itself. To me anyway. A real head scratcher. Maybe they think there is fortune to be made in it. Maybe they think they can make a living at it. That's not going to happen unless you are fond of "living in a van down by the river".

I can think of two or three fairly successful individuals that have eked out some sort of income in Ufology but even they still have a day job or are retired from it. Not because they made it in Ufology but because they are old and need to retire! Ufology is therefore a hobby. Not an occupation. Stop trying to make it one!! You are nobody of consequence any of you. The subject is! Please stop trying to make yourselves more important than the subject. I beg you. I could give two wet slaps who the hell you are. If you produce good material in the subject, then that is what I am interested in not YOU!

With all of the infighting amongst podcasters, researchers and investigators and even experiencers, its a wonder that there is even a Ufology left to follow. Its a deplorable mess with no cohesive cooperation amongst its members anywhere. Nothing but division, derision and polarization promulgated by charlatanism, egotism and effetism.

However, there are still a rare few that are doing good and wonderful things in this field. I will not name them either for fear it may go to their heads and ruin them. I wish them a long, slightly impoverished but satisfying life that it is filled with great research technique, integrity, honesty, cooperation and almost complete anonymity.

Recognize the work folks, not the worker!

Erik Stitt is the author of:
The Psychoterrestrial Theory:
Are You The Trickster?

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