Monday, March 07, 2011

UFOlogy Run Amok!

UFOlogy run amok!

By Tim Printy
March-April 2011

     Since last issue, UFOlogy seems to have gone nuts. The festering wound that is abduction research suffered a serious blow, MUFON seems to be on the edge of splintering, and a classic UFO case is teetering on the edge of being exposed as a hoax.

Abduction research had been on shaky ground with the Emma Woods-David Jacobs controversy. It basically has become a public smear campaign on both sides. However, Woods seems to have the high ground. Meanwhile, Budd Hopkins exwife posted a long article that exposed him as a very gullible individual. Some have claimed this is a case of a woman scorned but few seem to be disputing the details she described. . . .

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