Thursday, November 22, 2012

Another Witness Chimes in On Indiana Sightings; Says, Smaller Objects Separated From Main Body | MY UFO EXPERIENCE

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UFOs Over Indiana

Reader Submitted Report

     Last night, 11/16/12, in the sky between Greenwood, Indiana, and Whiteland, Indiana I saw a bright light in the sky, it looked like a fire ball, it was traveling from West to East and as it traveled I saw 6 – 8 fireballs break off of it. I was driving and did not count them all.

At first I thought it was a flair, or maybe fireworks, so I didn’t pay too much attention too it, but than it did not drop or fade from the sky like I would have expected, and it started dropping off other fire balls, or so they appeared, at regular intervals. That is when I started paying attention.

Each of the fire balls released from the big one seemed to hover and than just disappear in a flash.

I know I counted 4 but there were more than I counted.

Then after dropping off these the main one just disappeared in a flash.

I tried to video tape it on my phone, but by the time I realized it was something to pay attention too, I was not fast enough.

I was concerned because there was just an explosion on the south side the Saturday before, so I was concerned about foul play.

I asked my friends and family but they didn’t see it and hear anything about it, so I started looking on line, after I got my work done.

I found your website and it showed a fireball over Indianapolis a couple of hours later so I thought maybe you know what it was.

What I saw looked similar to the video you showed, except there were a bunch of them.

Because there were no new explosions I assume it is unrelated to that, I hope.

If you can help me, or give me some idea what it was I would appreciate it.

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