Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Witness Snaps Daytime Photo of UFO Over Staten Island, New York | MY UFO EXPERIENCE

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UFO OVER STATEN ISLAND NEW YORK as Submitted To MUFON (Edt Emphasize Object)

Submitted By Ken Pfeifer

     Here is what happened, normally I am not home during on weekdays during working hours, however my childcare (nanny) was sick and I didn’t have a back-up.

Anyway, we went to the boardwalk so I can run a few miles and my daughter loves being pushed in her running stroller… sorry Anyhoo, I was deciding which way I would run first, I enter the Staten Island Boardwalk on Seaview Avenue and Father Capodanno. I turned toward the east and all of a sudden from nothing to a flying object that looked like a STINGRAY it moved like a stingray, it was the same color as a stingray.

To me, it appeared to have like a light green and pale pink energy around it and it also appeared DISTRESSED. It was barely moving and I watched it until it vanished. It didn’t fly away fast it just became invisible, or I want to say transparent with the clouds.

As I mentioned it appeared distressed, and I am not the only one who thought that because the police helicopters were searching, several helicopters for a very long time. I thought I saw it again over the Verrazano bridge, but again in a second it was transparent again. I could see the energy around this thing and it was amazing. Also, as you will be able to see in the photo, there was NO plane pulling it!!!!


  1. Practically every person walking today has a cell phone with a camera. Why didn't any one else take a photo? Why haven't the NYPD taken a photo? Surely people would have stopped and taken a photo, but it seems that everyone is just walking. I used to believe that UFO's were all over the place, but now I am extremely sceptical. There always is very simple explanation for these things that we automatically assume is from another world. Kites, birds, cardboard or debris flying around from strong winds and so forth. Thanks for the photo and your imput on this, but I personally need something to really grab my attention. This doesn't do it.

  2. To Richard S. I've personally seen this Rectangular type craft out in Farm country. It was moving with no sound that I could discern and if I had blinked I would have missed it.

  3. I really thought I was crazy. I live right there. I have had to deal with that incessant high frequency sound since August. And they expect us to believe its just the wind blowing through that ridiculous structure. C'mon the choppers have been flying so low as of late, I could give the pilot a high-five! But its funny you snapped a craft that day, because unbeknownst to me, so did I. Except, mine was taken on the boardwalk, overlooking the bridge.
    How can I upload this picture?


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