Thursday, November 01, 2012

Black UFO Captured On Video Over Georgia - Pt 1 | UFO NEWS

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Black UFO captured on video over Georgia (Edt) 10-23-12

Witness Report

     On October 23, 2012 at about 4:00 PM Eastern Standard Time, I was on my front porch along with my best friend. My two children were in the driveway at the time as well. My 8 year old daughter first saw a large black object a bit above the tree line accross the street and she pointed it out to us. It was slowing moving towards my house and we got a good look at it directly above the street in front of my house. It looked to be a dull, black color with a curved, wing like shape on either side. The wings did not move though. It looked to be a solid object with no noise. It slowly ascended NE. There were obvious lights blinking randomly on the front, sides, and back throughout our observation.

We watched it slowly ascend until it seemed to be close to the height of where a commercial airplane could be. There were some faint clouds very high up in the sky and eventually this object ascended into them. Before it became unnoticable, it looked like a black spec.

I have three short videos of this object that I videod with my cell phone. My daughters described this as a "spaceship" and my friend and I had never seen anything like this and felt it was a UFO.

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