Friday, August 31, 2012

UFO Photographed Over Osaka, Japan | UFO NEWS

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Mysterious Cluster of Lights Spotted Above Osaka on August 30, Japan Shaping Up to be Popular UFO Destination


On the night of August 30, a cluster of multicolored lights was seen floating in the the sky above Osaka.

     Several people reported to Twitter that they saw a group of lights forming a triangular shape and flashing green, red and white in the night sky above Izumi city in Osaka prefecture.

The sightings caused a commotion on the Japanese Twitterverse after one user wrote: “Everyone in Osaka, go outside! There’s a UFO!”, prompting others to grab their cameras and snap up photos of mysterious luminous object.

Still, some people were quick to discredit claims that the lights are a UFO, pointing out that traditional sightings report UFOs as being circular in shape. . . .


  1. lets get honest okay,most people would not believe even if an alien spacecraft landed right in front of them,why,it is just to much for it that hard to accept with all the facts out there.for one,how come we have not been to the moon in over 40 years,it is what,a week away,do we know something,think about it.they have been here all along,the missing link(in are genes)if there is not,then why does are government go to so much trouble to debunk it,why,we would kill are selves out of panic&stupidity..

  2. You need to get back to school for a spelling lesson !


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