Friday, August 31, 2012

Deep-Sea Baltic UFO Hunt Turns Up Mere Rocks | UFO NEWS

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By Natalie Wolchover
Life's Little Mysteries
      . . . "What has been generously ignored by the Ocean-X team is that most of the samples they have brought up from the sea bottom are granites and gneisses and sandstones."

These, he explains, are exactly what one would expect to see in a glacial basin, which is what the Baltic Sea is — a region carved out by glacial ice long ago.

Along with the mundane rocks, the divers also gave him a single loose piece of basaltic rock, a type of rock that forms from hardened lava. This is out of place on the seafloor, but not unusual. "Because the whole northern Baltic region is so heavily influenced by glacial thawing processes, both the feature and the rock samples are likely to have formed in connection with glacial and postglacial processes," he wrote. "Possibly these rocks were transported there by glaciers."

Glaciers often have rocks embedded in them. At the end of the Ice Age, when glaciers across Northern Europe melted, the rocks inside them dropped to the Earth's surface, leaving rocky deposits all over the place. These are sometimes called glacial erratics or balancing rocks.

Lindberg and the Ocean X Team did not respond to a request for comment on the glacial deposit theory. . . .

CREDIT: Hauke Vagt / YouTube / sonofmabarker
Illustration (not a photograph) that Peter Lindberg described as "the closest [depiction] so far" of the
Baltic Sea object. The rendering makes the object look manmade, but it almost definitely isn't.

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