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UFO NEWS | VIDEO: Goodyear Blimp Mistaken For UFO While Filming Olympic Fireworks – Surprise!

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Good Year Blimp Over Olympic Stadium 2012

By Frank Warren
The UFO Chronicles
© 7-30-12

     Given the fact that we live in the days of instant communication via the internet etc; that social media has become a keystone in what has taken the place for sober news reporting; that someone’s home movie, or cell phone vid can go viral on YouTube and be seen by millions, which not only feeds the ego but can be quite lucrative in regards to ad revenue; it comes to no surprise that the Goodyear blimp, “Spirit of Safety” that was filming the Opening Olympic Ceremony has been touted as a UFO (again), with the underlying innuendo that it is an “alien craft” of some sort.

The seed that was planted which gave birth to the current knee jerk, poorly researched, dramatized nonsense that has found its way to The Huffington Post appeared several weeks ago in articles highlighting London Betting Houses which will lay odds on almost anything including UFOs, or in this instance whether one would appear at the opening ceremony of The Olympics in the UK.

That brings us full circle to the video shown above, which according to a writer at the “content mill”, who advocated the notion as presented by a group called “Alien Disclosure Group UK,” that after enhancing the video—it shows a “flat and disc-shaped [object] with a protrusion in the center” and that “It is clearly not a blimp or a helicopter.”

This of course is fodder for Kool-Aid drinkers across the globe that have the “need to believe” that a blurry image of lights akin to an ink blot is in fact “Z” from Zeta Reticuli or some other representative of an extraterrestrial civilization that has stopped by for an aerial view of the fireworks display at the 2012 Olympic Ceremony [ad nauseam]. No doubt, if the Nat Geo show, Chasing UFOs survives its first season, its goofy cast of characters will make the trip across the pond adorned in their body-light-camera contrivances to see if they can track down the Blimponians.

Goodyear to its credit received the contract for the tenth time to cover the Olympics. As usual–they didn’t disappoint in capturing breath-taking aerial views of the fireworks display in the opening ceremony. Had the so-called “Alien Disclosure Group UK” done a little more research, rather then magnify fuzzy lights in a video; they would not only have discovered the aerial images taken by the blimp, but that often times they illustrated the opposite position of the ground videographer which captured the blimp (UFO) to begin with; in other words the ground shot shows the fireworks going off and the blimp filming it, and the pictures taken from the blimp shows the reverse perspective.

Finally, and with great irony; Goodyear has an app (Blimp Tracker) at their UK site which allows folks to “track” its location. Moreover, they also have another section entitled, “Spot The Blimp” where readers can upload their respective images of the airship. There you will find clearer images (as seen above) of the “Spirit of Safety” over the Olympic Stadium.

Below is “clear video” of the Blimponians in action:


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  1. It is these type of knee-jerk reactions that make it so difficult to get people to take UFOs seriously. Thank you for highlighting this on your web site, Frank.


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