Saturday, July 14, 2012

MP Reported UFO Sightings

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     NEW files released by the National Archive have revealed the Ministry of Defence investigated reports of a UFO sighting in Stafford 14 years ago.

The MoD's UFO desk officer, who was responsible for looking into possible sightings, was alerted to numerous reports of two triangular shaped crafts flying in close formation at low altitude over the town on the evening of May 16, 1988.

Stone MP Bill Cash, who was serving as MP for Stafford at the time, contacted the MoD on behalf of his constituents.

The flying objects, which were reported to make little noise, were said to consist of a mass of lights by one onlooker who insisted she was 'perfectly sane', while another wrote: "I cannot begin to explain what it was but I know of no plane that can manoeuvre in this manner at such a slow speed." . . .

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