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Former Nuclear Weapons Expert Was Told Roswell UFO Recovery Involved an Alien Craft

Robert Hastings By Robert L. Hastings
© 9-20-09 – 2012
     Persons familiar with my three decades of research on the UFO-Nukes Connection know that declassified U.S. Air Force, FBI and CIA documents, as well as eyewitness testimony from ex-Air Force personnel, confirm an intermittent but ongoing UFO presence at America’s nuclear weapons sites. Indeed, some of the former/retired Minuteman missile launch and targeting officers I have interviewed unequivocally state that, on a few occasions, those piloting the unidentified craft actually knocked our ICBMs off-line,
at least temporarily.


Furthermore, as I and other researchers have noted, there also appears to be a link between nuclear weapons and the world-famous Roswell Incident.

At the time of the alleged UFO crash, in July 1947, nearby Roswell Army Airfield was home to the world’s only atomic bomber squadron, the 509th Bombardment Group. Only two years earlier, in August 1945, the elite unit had destroyed the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, effectively ending World War II. In July 1946, the squadron participated in Operation Crossroads, involving two atomic bombing exercises conducted in the Marshall Islands in the Pacific. By the summer of 1947, the 509th was routinely engaged in training designed to prepare it for future atomic conflict with America’s new postwar enemy, the Soviets.

UFOs and Nukes By Robert HastingsConsidering the great many nuclear weapons-related UFO sightings which have come to light—as described in various declassified documents and the military eyewitness testimony found in my book UFOs and Nukes—the atomic bombardment squadron aspect of the Roswell Incident is perhaps not that surprising.

Fortunately, a former, high-level nuclear weapons specialist has now provided dramatic, hitherto unknown information about the controversial case. In 1998, I conducted a taped interview with former Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) supervisor Chester “Chet” W. Lytle Sr., whose work in the early 1950s put him in the right place, at the right time, to hear a very interesting story about Roswell. Lytle told me that he was “absolutely” certain that the mysterious object secretly recovered in the New Mexico desert was an alien spacecraft. According to Lytle, the unimpeachable source of this information was none other than William H. Blanchard, the commander of Roswell Army Airfield at the time of the incident.

Atom Bomb Detonation Trinity Site, Alamogordo Test Range 7-16-1945But we are getting ahead of ourselves. During World War II, Chet Lytle had provided engineering support for the seminal Manhattan Project, which produced the first atomic bomb. His company, Lytle Engineering, was secretly contracted by the U.S. Army to design and manufacture the explosive “lenses” used on the tower-mounted device detonated near Alamogordo, New Mexico, on July 16, 1945. The disc-shaped lenses uniformly focused a conventional high explosive blast inward, thereby crushing the two halves of the bomb’s plutonium core into a single “critical mass” and triggering a nuclear chain-reaction.

After the war, Lytle’s company continued to manufacture various components for nuclear weapons and was also involved with a number of other highly-classified military R&D projects, ranging from radar development to aircraft autopilot design. His own supervisory position with the AEC involved weapons-stockpiling activities related to the U.S. military’s burgeoning atomic and thermonuclear arsenal.

Because of these diverse, highly-sensitive activities over the years, Lytle held, at one time or another, Top Secret clearances with several government departments and agencies, including the Atomic Energy Commission, the Department of Defense, and the Central Intelligence Agency.

Kevin RandleIn January 1990, I was introduced to Lytle by UFO researcher Kevin Randle and his associate at the time, Donald Schmitt, during one of their many visits to New Mexico to investigate the Roswell Incident. Over dinner, Lytle unexpectedly and cryptically remarked to me that he had both direct and indirect knowledge of certain nuclear weapons-related UFO sightings. However, when I asked if he would consent to be interviewed about those incidents, he quickly declined, saying that he was reluctant to jeopardize ongoing relationships his company, now called Communications Diversified Incorporated, had with various departments of the U.S. government.

There the matter rested for several years. Between 1990 and 1996, I had dinner with Lytle three or four times, always in the company of Randle and, sometimes, Schmitt. On each occasion, I politely asked Chet if he would be willing to speak with me at length about his UFO-related experiences. Each time, he politely but firmly declined to be interviewed.

In September 1998—realizing that I would not have forever to pursue the matter, given Lytle’s advanced age—I doggedly called him at his office. Much to my surprise, he actually answered a few of my questions over the phone, so I quickly pressed him to grant me a full-length interview. After a few seconds of silence, he hesitantly agreed.

As I was ushered into Lytle’s spacious office, I noted several plaques on the walls. Each had been presented to his company by one U.S. government group or another, commemorating some aspect of its distinguished, decades-long service to the nation’s defense establishment.

After a few pleasantries, I clipped a small microphone onto Lytle’s tie and began to ask him questions about the nuclear weapons-related UFO incidents to which he had alluded in 1990. As soon as he began speaking, I knew that my frustrating, drawn-out efforts to persuade him to go on-the-record had been worth the wait. Over the next two hours, he divulged some of the most intriguing information I had ever heard. . . .

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