Friday, June 15, 2012

MY UFO EXPERIENCE | UFO Photographed Over Oneida, New York

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UFOs Over Oneida, New York

From Ken Pfeifer

     My wife Jen was feeding our newborn son at 4:00 am when she notice a light out in the distance over the street lights. It was a glowing light orange that looked to be hovering or moving very slowly. Moving up and down for about 5-10 minutes. She then woke me up and I saw the same movements.

We went downstairs and out to our patio and saw it moving very slow towards us at what seemed like 300-500 feet in the dark sky. I ran in to grab the camera as it started to pass over us. That is the photo I got [above], not the best due to no flash.

I could see details of the object when the lights flashed. It looked like a steath shape, but was lighter in grey. It did look like something our military could be testing. Just seemed strange at 4:00 way was it a commercial plane.

The sound was so minimal, humming. I have heard military jets and they are very loud and rumble...this was not the case. Had multiple lights flashing the whole time. Finally flew over our house and headed west towards Syracuse, NY. The photo is not the best and hopefully you can make more out of it.

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