Monday, June 25, 2012

MY UFO EXPERIENCE | Alabama | Cylindrical Shaped UFO Photographed Over Autauga County

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UFO Over Alabama

UFO Over Alabama

From Ken Pfeifer

     We have noticed this object flying by over our house about the same time. each time we have seen it. Its very bright as if the sunset is reflecting off of it however if it was a plane you should be able to see the wings.

Well tonight we saw it again. One went over our house, same flight path as others weve seen, no sound, no visible wings, appears to have red on the surface. One flew over then we looked up and saw another one heading our way. Same flight path as the first. I ran got my camera and took a pic.

The object focused very well in camera but blurred before I could get a snapshot. It was sliver, no wings, no obvious windows or tail, or trail. It had two groved areas around the middle like the belly was groved or dipped inward. This is where the red color was from.

As it passed over our roof we ran to the front yard to try to catch it and get another pic but it disappeared. Very clear blue sky at about close to sunset is when we saw it and have seen them each time.

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