Tuesday, June 26, 2012

‘Maury Island Incident Historical Society’ Posits New Theory About UFO Incident (Video)

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By Scott Schaefer

At a gathering on a Woodmont beach in Des Moines late last week, members of the ‘Maury Island Incident Historical Society™’ (MIIHS), claim that the world’s most famous UFO event – the alleged 1947 crash of an alien ship near Roswell, New Mexico – may have been a US government disinformation campaign to distract attention from two Washington UFO sightings.

      . . . If you’re not familiar with it, the ‘Maury Island Incident’ occurred on June 21, 1947. It is alleged that six flying saucers were sighted off the East Bay of Maury Island (see map below) by a man named Harold Dahl, who also had what’s considered to be history’s first ‘Man in Black’ experience, complete with threats to safety, on the very next day.

Then, just three days later – on June 24, 1947 – pilot Kenneth Arnold spotted nine UFOs near Mt. Rainier.

Both of these sightings were followed by tragedy – the fatal crash of a B-25 piloted by the two military intelligence officers who had just investigated the incidents, and were carrying secret cargo – a box of the evidence dropped from one of the Maury Island UFOs. . . .

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