Friday, June 29, 2012

The Book UFOs and Nukes is Available at for $23.95
(Avoid Scalper Rates)

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By Robert Hastings
     My 600-page book, UFOs and Nukes: Extraordinary Encounters at Nuclear Weapons Sites, is self-published and authorized sales occur only at my website. It summarizes my 39-year investigation of documented UFO incursions at nuclear missile sites, nukes storage areas and test ranges, as discussed in declassified U.S. government reports and confirmed by the many military veterans I have interviewed since 1973.

Over the past four years, far too many folks have gone directly to Amazon to buy the book—from scalpers advertising it there—and are shocked to find that it is being sold for $85 and up. They then abandon the idea of purchasing it, without ever realizing that I will sell it directly to them, at a much-lower price.

Yesterday, June 28, 2012 , this impasse was raised to a whole new level when “Jimbo” wrote to me to ask why the book cost so much. He also posted the following statement in the comments section at Amazon:

Upon learning of this unfounded accusation, I posted the following retort to Jimbo:

Robert Hastings says:

After posting this comment, Jimbo wrote to me and chastised me for the price of the book. I responded by pointing out that it is still available at my website for $23.95—and has been since 2008—and that only those who go directly to Amazon to buy the book will be scalped. I have no control over what persons other than myself charge for it.

This email exchange took place [now over 24] hours ago but I see that Jimbo lacks the integrity to apologize for his poor, uninformed assumption about the price I charge, given that he has not withdrawn or amended his comment here. He also told me that only "UFO nuts" would pay the price appearing at Amazon, which should tell you where his attitude about my topic falls.


Of the 11 reviews of the book posted at Amazon, eight readers gave it the highest, five-star rating. Among the three remaining people who gave it a lower rating, between one and three stars, two of them had not even read it when they posted their review!

Seems fair…


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