Monday, May 07, 2012

UFO NEWS | UK | Did UFO land on Cannock Chase in Roswell style incident?

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By Mike Lockley
Sunday Mercury

     It’s being dubbed the Midland’s own Roswell.

The controversial American flying saucer reports were brought to public attention thanks to a whistleblower in the intelligence arm of the US Air Force.

And it was US Navy third class petty officer S M Brannigan who raised alarm bells about a mysterious crash in Penkridge, a town on the edge of the River Penk, near Cannock Chase, Staffordshire, between February and March, 1964.

He said three bodies were recovered from the operation to deal with the incident at Cocksparrow Lane which involved Air Force Intelligence and NATO.

Brannigan was stationed in the Caribbean at the time and told of his discovery after he intercepted a Soviet transmission.

He said the Russian message referred to a UFO malfunctioning and falling to Earth in two parts – the larger section near Penkridge, the other splintering over West Germany.

Mystery further surrounded the incident when an eyewitness came forward to say he took photos of a “delta shaped object” he spotted in a field near Penkridge at the time.

Harold South, of Bloxwich, claims the curious item was partially covered by a tarpaulin and placed on an aircraft transporter. . . .


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