Friday, March 09, 2012

MY UFO EXPERIENCE | "I . . . Found Orbs of Many Complex Color Configurations. I was Amazed"

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Reader Submitted Report

     On Oct 8th 2011, I was arriving at my storage facility here in Clinton, Ct. There is a small field across from my storage locker. Then behind that field is a fairly large wetlands which is adjacent to long Island sound.

When I stepped out of my vehicle I happen to look over at the sky above the wetlands.I witnessed a very fast blinking light in the sky was about a mile or more away. I watched it for about a minute or two before realizing that this light i was watching was acting unusual and it was perhaps something other than an aircraft.

I had noticed its pale colors of red and blue. The area i am in has a lot of air traffic and i have seen many types of aircraft overhead at all times in all types of weather. I could not compare this light and its activity to anything I had seen.

Thinking that this may be something i got out my flip camera.(i will add here that my flip camera films at 720 hd )I started filming. i was filming for four minutes and stopped only to get my binoculars. I couldn't find it in the viewfinders right away . When I finally did it rose up at a forty five degree angle and began to level off. Than all I saw was either a simulated jet lights , or the light was on the opposite side of a jet as cover. Then the simulation or cover than continued off on a linear path and i stopped watching.

Now this sounds pretty run of the mill and not very exciting . I thought not to much about it myself. Then in November I was going through my saved films on my Macbook and I thought , I should enlarge this film a little and see if i can make anything out. Almost immediately i began to see bright colored lights. Many different colors that also included greys and off whites. these colors changed as fast as the flashing did. I knew at this point that this was definitely not an airplane or ballon or manmade anything.

I again studied the image at a higher degree and found Orbs of many complex color configurations.I was amazed. At the time I was not even aware of what an orb was. Now with what seemed like a multitude of these orbs in many variations I became obsessed with this four min film. reducing the speed and enlarging the image again I began to find structured craft so unbelievable that i myself was awestruck.

I carefully began going through the film a tenth of a second at a time. This little blinking light that seemed strange was revealing images that are so alien that I honestly think i will never be able to look up at the sky again without wondering what race of aliens are out there that can use this type of advanced technology.

I do believe now UFOs are REAL.

I am including some of the picture files, I have well over one hundred images i was able to extract from my four min. film. These images are all real. I would like a film expert to analyze this film someday.

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