Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Dear Readers, Supporters, Contributors & 2011 Sponsors' - Thank You for Your Support!

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By Frank Warren
The UFO Chronicles

     Frank Warren     As the publisher/editor of The UFO Chronicles, I'd like to express my sincere appreciation for those of you who've graciously submitted a monetary contribution in the last couple of months, as well as all who supported us last year; your sponsorship of this site and the work we do here—is very much appreciated!

Now in our 7th year, I'm proud to acknowledge readers in over 180 countries and we continue to grow exponentially.

As noted in January of last year in our "monthly acknowledgment of appreciation re donations," after 6 years we have added advertising sponsors to supplement donations; in visiting our those sponsors, you'll find that quite literally almost anything can be purchased through them and at discount prices to boot.

We've also recently established a "Book Store" dedicated to the UFO phenomenon; there you'll find the latest books on the subject matter, reviews of same, as well as "hard to find" tomes at reduced prices.

That said, donations at this time–remain the primary benefit in keeping us afloat. To that end, we need your support:


If you enjoy our site, and appreciate the work we do here, or to quote another great site–if you get something out of The UFO Chronicles, and if you can afford to do so, please give a little back; no amount is to small, and large amounts are humbly welcome.

Click on the donation button below to submit your stipend via PayPal

Our Story

     From our meager start in January of 2005 we have grown to boast readers in over 180 countries, have over 3500 articles archived and some of the brightest minds in Ufology have contributed to our efforts via penscript, articles, op-eds etc. We’ve expanded to include video, audio and our own radio show is currently in the works. Lastly, and not to forget, this is a researcher’s enterprise, and accordingly, we are always engaged in said research and investigation into the UFO phenomenon and various cases.

What began as a blog for myself and colleagues to put the proverbial pen to paper, as well as being a repository for current and historical UFO reports, has grown into a full-fledged e-zine and with that evolution comes the corresponding labor, time invested and costs to manage it.

As this became a full-time job (in the second year) and readership was continuing to grow exponentially, many suggested that it was time to line up some sponsors, and after 6 years we did so, beginning in January of last year (2011). Great care is being put into this effort in order to meld any such ads with our content and "hopefully" not be a distraction for the reader.

Notwithstanding, “donations” are still our main sustenance, and quite literally is what keeps us afloat; the notion has always been that given the high volume of readers, was/is to receive a modest stipend from a small percentage of those and that would more then suffice.

Re donations: from the onset the response was immediate, and some donations were gratefully substantial, and interestingly a large percentage was (and continues to be) from academics in different parts of the world. Although the tallies are increasing from month to month they are slight and fall short of the ideal goal.

We wish all of our readers/contributors a very happy, safe Spring season.

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