Tuesday, January 10, 2012

UFO NEWS | UFO Researcher Drew Ryan Maras Killed in Arizona Shootout, One Deputy Dead

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Drew R. Maras


Authorities looking into whether Maras shot and killed New Hampshire couple near Sedona

     Why did “UFO researcher” Drew Ryan Maras, an “avid investigative researcher and crusading advocate for peace, love, hope and—most importantly—truth”–open fire on Maricopa County Sheriff’s deputies early Sunday morning in a strip mall located in Anthem, Arizona? One deputy died, Maricopa Sheriff’s Deputy William Coleman. Authorities are waiting for ballistics tests to see if 30-yr-old Maras was involved in the shootings of a New Hampshire couple on Friday near Sedona, Arizona.

Drew Ryan Maras listed on his Facebook page he “lives in Kihei, Hawaii”, and, “From Chicago, Illinois”. According to a news report from AZCentral.com, Maras lived in an apartment complex in Peoria, Illinois. Maras was a 1999 Libertyville High School graduate.

Early Sunday morning Maras’ 2012 apocalyptic end occurred in a minivan, his pit bull, unharmed, one sheriff’s deputy dead. . . .

. . . In the intervening years, Maras developed a deep fascination with UFOs, claims about government cover-ups and an apocalyptic event slated for Dec. 21, 2012.

Maras’ self-published book, Open Your Eyes to 2012 and Beyond.

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