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MY UFO EXPERIENCE | "A Ball of Light So Bright That It Lit Up The Massive Valley Below It"

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Reader Submitted Report

     I haven’t told this story in a long time mostly because it’s hard for people to believe. Four years after the event I told the story to the guy I was working for at the time and when I finished telling him about it his reply was “There are some things I won’t tell people if I think there’s a good chance they’re not going believe it, even if it’s the truth.” And that has been how it has gone mostly, that most of the people I’ve told it to don’t quite seem to be able to believe it. So if you don’t believe it I won’t be surprised and it won’t hurt my feelings.

In Jan. of 1970 I went on a two week tour of Southern Mexico. I rode busses mostly and did a little hitchhiking. I was 23 years old at the time. At 9:00 one night I got on a bus (which was an old school bus) going from Oaxaca to Puerto Escondido. The road to Puerto Escondido was a gravel and/or rock road most of the way, no pavement at all (and was one lane wide) that meandered through a mountain range almost the whole way; the road mostly followed the top of a single mountain range overlooking a huge valley with another parallel mountain range on the other side (West side) of the valley. The mountains were really high, some reaching 9,000 ft. but averaging around 7,000 ft. The valley floor was close to sea level so you can picture that these were really high mountains.

Because the road mostly followed the top of the one mountain, at almost any given point you could see 20 miles up or down the valley. After we left Oaxaca the bus stopped at a dozen or more little villages on the way picking up mostly farmers with livestock (goats, pigs, chickens, etc.). There was a rack on top of the bus the whole length and width of the bus and the farmers pitched their animals up into the rack and got on the bus. When I got on the bus there were maybe ten people on it, by the time we got a third of the way to Puerto Escondido the bus was packed with people, most of whom were farmers and their children. Once the bus was filled to capacity the driver didn’t stop to pick up any more passengers.

The road from Oaxaca to Puerto Escondido is approx. 180 miles long winding though a mountainous jungle region with no electricity the whole way, so there were no lights anywhere. Because the road was so winding and steep in so many places the trip took 9 hours. The road was so bumpy that it was nearly impossible to get any sleep. I was sitting in the very back of the bus so I really got bounced around (so much so that there was a small amount of blood in my urine the following morning). So I was wide awake most of the way. About two hours into the trip I looked out the back window and saw a bright light coming over the horizon as far back up the valley as I could see. I didn’t think much about it because I figured it was an airplane with a really bright running light. The vehicle seemed to be moving toward where we were very slowly, so slow that I figured it had to be a helicopter doing some sort of surveillance.

After about a half hour the light was getting much closer and all it looked to be was a ball of light so bright that it lit up the massive valley below it. You couldn’t see any vehicle donning a huge bright light, all you could see was this big spherical bright light. It moved slowly toward where we were at the same level as the tops of the mountains on either side of the valley. Finally it caught up to us and followed along with us for what seemed like quite awhile, I’d say at least a half hour, then all of a sudden it stopped it’s forward movement and just hovered in place. At that moment the road came to a scenic overlook and the driver stopped the bus and told everyone to get off the bus. So everyone did. I’d estimate that there were 70 or 80 people on the bus, as I said most of whom were local farmers and their wives and children.

All of the farmers, their wives, and their children looked at that lit up object and in unison got down on their hands and knees and were praying as hard as they could. The all had their eyes closed while they prayed as if they were afraid to look at the lit up object. There were only four Americans on the bus, myself, a retired air conditioning contractor from Los Angeles, and newlywed couple from Boston. The air conditioning guy lived in Puerto Escondido and the husband of the newly wed couple lived in Oaxaca several months out of each year. The four of us plus the bus driver stood there on the edge of the bluff overlooking the valley and looked at that bright light for several minutes as it hovered there perfectly still and without making the slightest sound. As I recall we were mostly speechless.

After about five minutes the lit up object started to move forward toward the South end of the valley. It moved very slowly, I’d estimate at around 15-20 mph. After it had started to move away the bus driver told everyone to get back on the bus and we continued on our way. The lit up object followed alongside the bus for another good while, I’d say for at least another hour. Occasionally the road would wind to the East of the mountain top and we’d lose sight of the lit up object but awhile later when the road led back to the West side of the mountain top the lit up object would be there parallel to where we were an moving at about the same speed we were.

This is hard to explain but the presence of that lit up object made me feel exhilarated. The feeling is hard to describe except to say that it is like the feeling I experienced years ago in some church meetings in which the Holy Spirit was present (church meetings like that are almost nonexistent these days). If you’ve never experienced it you can’t possibly know what I’m talking about. All I can tell you is that it makes you feel better than you ever felt in your whole life. But that’s another subject.

After about an hour of following alongside where the bus was going the lit up object started to slowly move on ahead. It gradually got further and further away which was a big disappointment to me because as it went away so did that wonderful feeling. Finally it got so far ahead that it went out of sight. At one point the road came to a really highpoint and I saw it again way up the valley but after that I didn’t see it again. That is until about two hours later and all of a sudden the driver stopped the bus again and told everyone to get off. This time it was at another spot where the road came close to the edge of the mountain where you could really get a good look at the valley below, and when we got off the bus we could see down in the valley what looked to be some sort of factory with lots of lights around it. All the farmers and their wives and children took one look at that and got down on their hands and knees and started praying as hard as they could, while the bus driver and myself and the three other Americans stood there on the edge of the bluff looking at the factory at the bottom of the valley.

I was standing next to the guy from Boston and I asked him “What kind of factory it that?” He said “That’s not a factory.” He was white as a sheet when he said it and his voice trembled a little as he spoke. I asked him “What do you mean?” and he said “I’ve been living down here for several years and I’ve been down this mountain road a dozen times at night and that thing was never here before. I was through here a couple of months ago and that thing wasn’t here then. There’s no electricity within 100 miles of this place.” So I started to really look at it and I could see that it was a disc shaped vehicle that seemed to be suspended in mid air. I’d estimate the size of the disc to have been somewhere near 600 ft. in diameter and probably 100 ft. thick in the middle (I’m doing a mental comparison of it to the Superdome in New Orleans). I’d estimate that it was close to a mile away from where we were, sitting in a flat cove near the base of the mountain we were on.

There were twenty smaller objects sitting on the ground in a circle around the perimeter of the vehicle, I’d say probably 20-30 feet away from the vehicle and about 100 feet apart. The best way I can describe what those objects looked like was those futuristic phone booths that came out during the 60’s that had dome roof over a glass cylinder. I’d estimate that the diameter of the dome shaped tops of the objects to have been around 30’. Each one of the objects emitted a beautiful gold colored glow that fairly well lit up the area surrounding the huge disc shaped object. The huge disc shaped object also emitted the same beautiful gold colored glow from underneath. The whole thing was a beautiful sight to behold.

I could feel that wonderful feeling as I stood there looking at all this and I was tempted to go down there. But I was afraid to so I didn’t. I told the guy from Boston that I wanted to go down there and he told me I’d be crazy to do it. After about five minutes the bus driver told everyone to get back on the bus and everyone did and we went on our way. The following night I was lying on my sleeping bag in a field about a mile outside of Puerto Escondido and I was looking up at the stars and I noticed that in the exact center of the sky there was this really bright star, brighter than any other star in the sky. I lay there looking at it for a minute or two and all of a sudden it moved to the South slightly, maybe a distance of 1/20 of the radius of the sky and stopped. Then as you can imagine I was really looking at it. Then after about another thirty seconds it started to get smaller and smaller and within a few seconds totally disappeared. Seeing all that gave me a really good feeling that’s hard to describe. It made me feel safe, like someone up there was looking out for me. I know it may sound stupid of me to have taken it personally but I couldn’t help it. I wonder if there was anyone else in the world that saw what I had just seen. I doubt it.

About two months later I was camping out in the Santa Rosa Mountains about twenty miles East of San Clemente Calif. and as I was looking toward the coast (I could see the beach cities from where I was) I saw a brightly lit up object go zooming through the sky, low on the horizon, I’d estimate no more than a half mile high, and there were two jet airplanes chasing it. They chased it for a distance of probably 50 miles and all of a sudden it took off at a slight upward angle leaving them like they were parked and shot out of sight within a couple of seconds. I remember laughing out loud and thinking to myself how stupid those two pilots had to have been to even think of doing such a thing as that.

Those three events happened in 1970 and I haven’t seen any other UFO manifestations since then.

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