Thursday, December 22, 2011

UFO NEWS | UFOs Over Glastonbury - Myth or Reality?

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UFOs Over Glastonbury

It has been interesting to see the national and international press latch onto a story that was printed locally last week suggesting that Glastonbury is now officially a top UFO hotspot

     Following a Freedom of Information request made by the Central Somerset Gazette to the Avon and Somerset Police asking "How many 999 calls containing the words UFO, spaceship, alien or flying saucer from Street or Glastonbury have been logged over the past five years including date of each call" it appears that between February 2007 and August 2011 a total of 27 calls were made that fitted these criteria. Further analysis of the content of some of the conversations and their timings however may indicate that some of these calls which cluster together may have in fact been made by the same person. For example during calls made on 15th, 16th, 17th and 21 August 2009 the content was very similar in each case:

  1. Caller talked about world affairs, alien affairs and winning of God
  2.  Caller spoke about their influence with aliens
  3. Caller advised they are the recognised son of god on this earth and the alien planet
  4. Caller said they had powers to rule the world and govern religion and aliens

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