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DE VOID | "Sgt. Ben Thompson Watched in Awe as a Massive Object Lit the Night Sky Over the Lake"

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Wanaque UFO

Warped geometry, weak brane

By Billy Cox
De Void
     The Project Blue Book files are chock full o’ reports involving UFO interaction with water, and naturally most are pretty bizarre. But none have more thoroughly riveted Bob Schroeder than the so-called Wanaque Incident in 1966.

This one was reported by a New Jersey cop, back in the day when an ongoing government study gave Americans cover to talk about this stuff without being made to feel like wackos. Responding to a dispatch call about a sighting in the Wanaque Reservoir area one autumn evening, Sgt. Ben Thompson watched in awe as a massive object lit the night sky over the lake. There were other witnesses as well, but what Thompson saw was a real show-stopper. His words:

“As it went over the trees — which would be on the mountain to the west — it would sort of pull the tops of the trees together. In other words, it had sort of a suction effect. . . . And it also pulled the water upward. It was sucked upward. And when this thing flew away from the area, the water would just settle right down again.”

That got Schroeder to thinking. If UFOs involve anti-gravity, as one popular theory holds, shouldn’t the cop have seen reverse effects on the environment, such as downward pressures on trees, grass, water, whatever? “What we’re seeing instead,” he says from his home in Sudbury, Mass., “are attractive fields, not repulsive fields.”

Schroeder found other examples of UFOs exerting forces of attraction on nearby objects, from steel grating to sand and stones. But he couldn’t really share his curiosity with colleagues at Hewlett-Packard, where he spent 26 years in operations and product management, lest they think him a wacko. But now, in retirement, he’s gone the self-publishing route and released a book called Solving the UFO Enigma: How Modern Physics is Revealing the Technology of UFOs.

Schroeder says discoveries inside supercolliders have led him to an inferential theory about UFOs — particularly brightly lit ones — that can actually be tested using spectrometers. De Void doesn’t usually turn the floor over to someone else, but De Void lacks the vocabulary to coherently paraphrase Schroeder’s email. So take a minute and see if this makes any sense:
“2). In the last two decades modern physics is pointing toward the existence of 4-D space-time membranes floating in a larger space-time of 5 dimension. It is believed that our universe is one of these 4-D space-time membranes. At least one other 4-D space-time membrane is thought to exist parallel to our membrane. The space between these membranes is referred to as the bulk. The collection of theories that use these ideas are referred to as M-Theory.

“3). One of the theories derived from M-Theory is called Warped Geometry developed by a Harvard physicist and another physicist from John Hopkins University. Warped Geometry solves one of the biggest problems in physics called the hierarchy problem. There are different aspects to the hierarchy problem but the one of interest to those of us studying the UFO phenomenon is the puzzle of why the gravity force is exponentially weaker than the other forces of nature (electromagnetism, strong nuclear force and weak nuclear force).

“4) Warped Geometry solves the weakness of the gravity problem by postulating that the second space-time membrane (called the Gravity Brane) that is believed to exist parallel to the space-time membrane we live on (called the Weak Brane) is warped in such a way that it attracts the overwhelming majority of gravitons in the larger 5-D universe to its surface. Therefore virtually all gravitons are in the bulk close to the Gravity Brane which is why gravity is so weak on our Weak Membrane. [The term ‘Weak’ in Weak Membrane derives from the energy level of the weak nuclear force, not from the weakness of gravity.]

“5). General Relativity tells us that distances shrink and time dilates in a strong gravity field. I believe these UFOs are penetrating the bulk and going deep enough into the bulk where the distances between stars shrink to very small distances relative to our Weak Brane. I explain how time dilation is accounted for as well in the book. Anyway the ability to penetrate the bulk solves one of the biggest pieces of the UFO puzzle, which is how they get here. Other aspects of the UFO puzzle are also explained in the book.

“6). The strong gravity field around the UFOs is created by Kaluza-Klein particles that are predicted by M-Theory. These KK particles in turn create micro-black holes which at their singularities (where General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics theories break down) ‘kick’ gravitons into the bulk, or deeper into the bulk if the UFO is already in the bulk. Warped Geometry indicates that gravitons already want to be close to the Gravity Brane (graviton probability function) so I believe the micro-black holes (created by particle accelerators, what UFOs likely are) provide the necessary kick to get gravitons into the bulk so a UFO on the Weak Brane does not feel the gravity force — or very little. This is not anti-gravity, instead it is reducing the gravity force to near zero.”
Got it?

“If we can get spectrographic data on brightly lit UFOs (such as during a UFO ‘wave’ similar to the Hudson Valley, Belgium or Phoenix lights UFO waves where these craft were seen repeatedly over months and years),” adds Schroeder, who has a B.A. in math and an A.A. in aerospace engineering, “then we can see if they are using KK gravitons and also observe the associated spectral signature of decaying micro black holes.” Schroeder says one might place spectrographic recording devices on planes, for starters.

Attention Paul “$20M for SETI” Allen: Want to take a shot at a Nobel for a fraction of the sticker on those radiotelescopes?

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