Tuesday, November 22, 2011

UFO NEWS | PERU | Are Recently Unearthed Mummies Proof of Extraterrestrial Contact?

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Discovery of mummies in Peru may confirm existence of aliens

By spanish.peopledaily.com.cn

Two mummies were discovered in Adnahuayilillas de Quispicanchi, Perú, and have caused a commotion by the elongated head and other features "not human", regarded as aliens, as revealed by the anthropologist, Renato Dávila Riquelme of The Ritos Andinos Museum.

The face of one of the mummies has a triangular shape, very large eyes, unusual molar mass and brain cavity 18 to 20 cm tall. Subject's height is 50 cm.

Anthropologists are willing to do a DNA test to determine their human identity. The head of another mummy is incomplete; her brain to the lower jaw is about 20 cm and 30 cm trunk, including the extremities, the curled posture resembles a fetus in utero. The hands (lacking the arm bones) are finite and delicate, according to researchers.

Two anthropologists from Spain and one from Russia have begun to investigate the mummies as not being human . . ..

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