Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Close Encounters of the Rural Polish Kind

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Crop Circle Road Sign in Wylatowo, Poland

By Jay Martin

     “We could go to Wylatowo,” I say to Yvette. “What’s there?” she asks. “Alien crop circles, apparently,” I reply. . . .

. . . ‘The piktogramy?’ one asks. Sometimes Polish turns out to be simpler than you think. I nod.

The words tumble out of them faster than I can keep up: “They are so symmetrical, people say they can’t possibly have been done by humans!”
“As soon as they come, these Japanese people turn up to do research. And this German professor from a university, too — he’s got a film with UFOs on it from here!”
‘The power goes out sometimes. All the lights, the electricity. And then it just comes back on again! Tell me that’s not strange!” . . .

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