Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Chaos Consumed Jackson County After Charles Hickson's Alleged Alien Abduction

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Painting of UFO as Witnessed & Created By Charles Hickson Pascagoula, Mississippi 10-11-1973
By Cherie Ward
The Mississippi Press

     PASCAGOULA, Mississippi -- The news of Charles Hickson and Calvin Parker allegedly being abducted by aliens in 1973 prompted reporters from around the world to flock to Pascagoula.

Hickson, who died on Friday in Ocean Springs, was a foreman at Walker Shipyard and Parker was a welder. The now-closed shipyard was located on the Pascagoula River in the 1970s. . . .

. . . Shipyard officials hired Pascagoula attorney Joe Colingo to handle the flood of media persistently seeking interviews with both men about their experiences.

"There was just so much confusion in the beginning," Colingo said Tuesday of the international media attention. "We don't know where they came from, or how they all found out, but they were here, in the parking lots just camped out."

Hickson and Parker made global headlines with their alleged encounter. . . .

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