Tuesday, August 23, 2011

VIDEO | Excellent CGI: Two Jet Fighters Escorting UFO


  1. That IS NOT CGI...I suppose you'll vote for Palin too!

  2. Hi John,

    I presume you're addressing me; although I have no clue what Sarah Palin, or whom I would or would not vote for has to do with the a fore mentioned CGI video (although I have heard people state they believe she's from another planet :>)).

    That aside, I presume the video was made using Adobe's "After Effects" with models of jets and the UFOs being culled from Turbosquid. In fact, I'll go one step further and say it was model # 590059 (from Turbosquid).

    If you do a little homework, you'll find how relatively easy it is for the properly schooled to produce a video like this one, and even abecedarians to produce a decent product with a little practice.

    By the way: the software in question; examples of similar videos (found on YouTube) and the models of the jets & UFOs is "part" of the evidence in support of my theorem.

    You say the video "isn't CGI"; if not CGI, then what? Do share, along with the points (i.e., evidence) in support of your argument (no need to tell me who you vote for).


  3. Hi Frank.

    The only place I disagree with here is with your usage of the word "excellent". I don't think it is all THAT good. The beginning part is rough, but he/she does a better job there at the end.

    Wish I still had my license for 3D Studio Max ;)

    Have a beautiful day!!!

  4. Hi Bob,

    How goes it?

    Perhaps "excellent" was a stretch; however, when I assigned a label to it, I was focused on the fact that it was "CGI," and I thought it much better then what's hit the net lately.

    One of the other programs I omitted above was/is "Cinema 4D."

    Thanks for chiming in . . ..


  5. It is NOT an excellent CGI ... since I can make out the slight halo that exists around all three objects, indicating to me that they were inserted into the video and are not part of the original footage of the scenery around them.


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