Saturday, June 18, 2011

Video | UFO over Mexico City

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By Jason McClellan
OpenMinds Magazine

     In January of 2009, a research team from Open Minds paid a visit to photographer Arturo Robles Gil at his home in Mexico City, Mexico. Robles had been documenting mysterious objects in the sky with some frequency, and Open Minds hoped to capture closer, higher quality photos of these UFOs above Mexico City. The team and I arrived at Robles’s home at approximately 8:00 AM to get an early start scanning the skies.

Extreme air pollution in Mexico City builds as the day progresses, so sky viewing is best done in the early morning. Robles observes many mysterious objects in the sky from the vantage point of his building’s rooftop. After evaluating the location, the Open Minds team set up a camera with the hope of photographing one of these sky creatures. This high-powered camera kit included a Nikon D3x (Nikon’s flagship 24.5 megapixel digital SLR camera) and a Sigma ultra-telephoto zoom lens (APO 200-500mm F2.8/400-1000mm F5.6 EX DG), the largest high speed zoom lens available. At the time of this trip, this premiere lens was one of only two existing in the United States.

For hours, commercial airline traffic was all I saw in the sky. Just as I was about to give in to my waning interest, I was jolted with adrenaline when I heard Robles shout, “I see something!” I followed the direction of his pointed finger . . ..

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