Thursday, June 30, 2011

MY UFO EXPERIENCE | Air Traffic Controller Spots Translucent Craft(s) in Triangle Formation

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UFOs Over Timnath, Colorado 5-26-11

Submitted By Ken Pfeifer

5-26-11 City of Timnath Colorado

     3 circular, translucent craft in triangle formation moving east to west over northern Colorado were observed for a period of 15 seconds.

I was standing outside at night and looking east. I saw what appeared to be a faintly lit shooting star moving toward me at high speed.

I quickly realized there were three and they were maintaining a constant altitude, instead of falling to the ground like your typical meteorite. They passed directly overhead at approximately 8,000 feet and 1500 knots.

As an air traffic controller, I've spent twenty years observing aircraft, and feel I have a good gauge for judging altitude and speed; however, it was at night which can throw off your depth perception.

The three circular craft were in a perfect triangle formation, and made absolutely no sound despite their fast speed and passing directly overhead.

Perhaps the strangest aspect of the sighting was the color (or lack thereof) of the aircraft. They were translucent, and displayed the night sky on the bottom of the craft, that you would normally see behind the craft, as if they weren't there.

The only reason I saw the craft is because they were glowing orange due to their speed and proximity to the ground. They had no lights of any kind typical to every other aircraft in the night sky.

Like I said, they were moving fast and I thought that I was going to get treated with a shooting star. I watched them approach from the east, pass overhead, and leave to the west.

It is possible that it was one large craft with three glowing disks affixed to the bottom in a triangle formation; however, I believe it was three separate craft.

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