Monday, May 16, 2011

MY UFO EXPERIENCE | Witness Captures Image of Triangular Shaped UFO On Cell Phone Camera

Witness Captures Image of Triangular Shaped UFO   On Cell Phone Camera

Submitted By Ken Pfeifer

     I was driving back to my house on Rt 316 Leightersburg rd, just at the Maryland-Pennsylvania state line. After visiting my parents I was on the phone with a friend and my line started to get static and I was complaining about it to her and then I noticed a bright light out of the corner of my left eye.

It side view was tall as a bill board and glowing bright white. It then rotated slightly while still in the same place and I could now see it had a triangular shape with the other side having red and white light constant glow nothing was blinking. I put the windows down and heard no noise at all. The object was on the left side of the street with myself facing towards the Maryland state side. It then started crossing the street and heading to the right of the road. I was frozen.

It finally dawned on me to take a photo with my phone. I was shaking a little but rested my arm on each other as I would my rifle when I was in the military. As I took the picture it sped up till I could no longer see it over the tree line. I have had problems sleeping ever since this occurrence.

This case is under investigation by MUFON Pennsylvania.

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