Tuesday, May 17, 2011

MY UFO EXPERIENCE | Dalby, Australia: " . . . A Sight I Will Never Forget. It Was an Object About the Size of an Airliner"


     My family and I moved to Central Qld From Brisbane on the 24th May 2011.My wife and I needed to go back again to Brisbane, as I had an appointment for an operation. I had my opp. and we decided to head home Thursday 5th May 2011, the day after I got out of hospital. We decided to do it in one run, an aprox. 12 hour trip leaving at 4.45am. Our trip took us through some beautiful country sights.

We travelled via Toowoomba a large country town, as this was by far a quicker route, passing through Dalby, another but smaller country town. The morning was very foggy up to that stage, but it cleared to a bright sunny day.

We were travelling along a long straight part of The Warrego Highway, a one lane each way road.

There appeared ahead of us a sight I will never forget. It was an object about the size of an airliner. It was moving not very high up and about 500 mtrs in front of us crossing across the road from left to right at about landing speed and height.

It was a beautiful colour, blue /green, shiny and had a small whitish vapour trail behind it. I didn't believe my eyes what I saw! It I said to my wife 'Did you see that, what was it?' she replied ' yes,I don't know what it was'

The object dissapeared form our view behind bush trees, without further sighting or signs of where it went.

When we stopped to take some photos of some camels grazing....past Roma, another small country town, another motorist, a young lady travelling from Melbourne, after recuperating from an operation there, was travelling home to Townsville. We chatted and she described the same object that we did.

Unfortunately we didn't get her name or contact details to verify this. We are sane, honest people that have absolutely no idea what we saw, but we do know that it wasn’t a weather balloon or an aircraft of earthly sort.

I now have a more open mind to the possibilities and after looking since that day at many internet sites, many are just hoaxes, some are someone with a weird sense of humor, on what I now believe to be a truly serious subject. There are so many reported sightings and some interesting docos onsite by people in high gov positions, they can’t all be just explained away.

If there really is alien beings out there, are they peaceful? I would assume that they were as at the same time we were driving around in horse and carriage there were reported sightings.

Their far advance existence to us, we would have been lame targets for quite some time.

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