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UFOs & NUKES | Civilians Report UFOs in F.E. Warren's Missile Field

UFO Over FE Warren Missile Launch Site

Reports of UFO sightings continue in the area

By Patrick Cossel
The Western Nebraska Observer

     On October 23, 2010, an event took place that would appear to come right off the pages of a Tom Clancy story. F.E. Warren Air Force Base, Cheyenne, Wyo. lost contact with 50 of the minuteman missiles under their watch. These missiles represent a portion of the nuclear arsenal owned by the U.S. However, instead of being a spy trying infiltrate our country and launch an attack, it is possible it was something else. Something not even Clancy’s hero Jack Ryan could prevent.

Robert HastingsRobert Hastings, a UFO investigator based out of New Mexico originally believed the Air Force was telling the truth when they claimed a glitch knocked the missiles offline. But, after calling around to local sheriff’s departments and talking to residents, Hastings believes it was something else, UFOs.

Hastings has been investigating UFOs since the early 1970s. He first became interested in them while working in the Air Traffic control tower at Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana as a janitor. Hastings lived at Malmstrom while his father was stationed there.

One day while doing his routine work, Hastings said reports came over of the FAA tracking five unknown objects. Hastings said in the few moments he was able to listen to the reports he learned that the unknown objects were being classified as UFOs and two fighter jets were launched to intercept. Hastings was asked to leave by the FAA supervisor on duty at the time. Nothing else was ever talked about that day.

Still, the event left the young Hastings convinced there was something going on. And, it involved our nuclear weapons. So he began researching.

UFOs and Nukes By Robert HastingsBy 1981 Hastings felt he had enough information that he entered the lecture circuit and began speaking at several colleges and institutions. His continued research led to the publishing of a 600 page book UFOS and Nukes: Extraordinary Encounters at Nuclear Weapons Sites, in 2008.

What piqued Hasting’s interest in the case at F.E. Warren was that this wasn’t the first time the Air Force lost their ability to interact with their nuclear weapons.

Hastings received a letter from retired Air Force Launch Officer David H. Schuur telling of an incident at Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota in July 1966 when a UFO was spotted hovering over a missile site. Within moments of the SAT (Security Alert team) radioing the LCC (Launch Control Center) about the object, the missile firing sequence began.

It took the launch officers inside the LCC inputting the interrupt sequence to shut it down. Hastings believes that the UFO was ascertaining what the weapons could do and how it worked.

Hastings came to the Wyoming Nebraska area in December, 2010. His intent was to do some snooping and see if he could learn anything. He called around to local sheriff’s departments and learned from Kimball County Sheriff Harry Gillway of UFO reports. Hastings knew there was more.

In his few days of being in Kimball, Cheyenne, Scotts Bluff counties in Nebraska, and Eastern Laramie County (Wyoming), Hastings laid the ground work for people to contact him. It didn’t take long.

Hastings received three accounts that could relate to the Oct. 23, 2010 incident.

For a resident of Sidney, who has asked to remain unnamed, she saw a UFO in early October. She said she was sitting outside on her porch in the early night time hours enjoying the weather when an object caught her eye.

“I saw an object flying north-to-south and then return flying south-to-north,” she says.

The object was low enough that she was able to build a model of what she saw and send it to Hastings.

“It was black and silver and I could see at least four lights on it,” she says, “I could see what looked like corrugated metal on the underside.”

The witness continued to look for the object and was convinced that it might have gone away when something grabbed her attention behind her.

“I heard a bird make an unusual sounding squawk behind me and I turned around,” she said,” there it was flying north-to-south coming over the trees.”

The object, moving quickly, made no sound. At this point she decides it might be best to go inside.

“I wasn’t scared, but I was confused by what I was seeing,” she says.

She made the decision to call Hastings after she read an article about him looking for information.

Located 18 miles to the west is the town of Potter. Here a resident, who lives on the Kimball-Cheyenne County line, recounts a similar tale. Again, she has asked not to have her named mentioned.

This witness was walking with her dogs in the early morning hours of Dec. 23, 2010. She walks with her dogs because they are small and doesn’t want coyotes to bother them.

The first thing to strike her about the winter morning was it was overcast. Despite the density of the overcast, she was able to see a single bright star.

The star was so bright that it consumed her attention.

“I began to really focus on it,” she said.

Her efforts revealed that it was an object, cigar-like in shape with very bright lights. It was positioned between two missile silos she lives close to.

Suddenly, as she was staring at it, it simply vanished. She became scared and started to call her dogs to go inside. They, obviously shaken as well, beat her to the door.

“They wanted in the house, they never act like that,” she says.

Concerned that someone might think she had lost her mind, she hesitated to tell anyone. Finally she broke down and told her husband.

“I was afraid he would laugh at me, but he didn’t,” she says.

Encouraged by this, she talked to her boss. Her boss encouraged her to contact Hastings.

Since that sighting, she has not seen more. However, work at the silo the UFO appeared to be most focused on has intensified.

She says that she tends to have an open mind about things and, although she has tried to convince herself otherwise, can’t identify the object as anything but alien.

“All I can say is I hope they are friendly, if they have the technology to move like that, we don’t stand a chance,” she says.

The most recent reported sighting in the western Nebraska area was March 18, 2011. This comes from a Sheriff’s Deputy in Kimball. The deputy was on patrol in the southern part of the county close to the Colorado border when he saw an object fly in front of his car.

The deputy, who claims belief in UFOs, contacted Sheriff Gillway.

For Robert Hastings these types of reports are not uncommon, especially in this area. Sidney, once home to the Sioux Army Depot, was the site of nine UFO sightings in 1965. Hastings has also heard reports from residents from Dix of UFO sightings.

In response to these events, and for the events that took place in 1965, the Air Force’s official comment was, “We have no information available.” The comment comes from the Air Force Global Strike Command at Barksdale Air Force Base and was relayed by the staff at the Public Affairs office at F.E. Warren Air Force Base. The Air Force maintains that it was a glitch that caused the communication loss on Oct. 23, 2010.

Hastings believes there is indeed alien life forms checking out our capabilities. He said the documentations he has received through the Freedom of Information Act indicate radar evidence of these objects moving at 1,000s of miles an hour and stopping on a dime.

“Clearly no country on earth is capable of this,” he says.

Hastings says the UFOs are interested in our nuclear weapons for their protection as well as ours. He said the destruction of a planet would be so catastrophic to the solar system that these beings are keeping a watchful eye on us.

“If they intended to harm us, they would have done so already,” Hastings says.

“They are admonishing the super powers.”

Hastings believes that the alien life forms are attempting to prepare the people of earth for an

encounter with them. He says these sightings are just a warm-up.

“This is a long time conditioning, preparing for communication,” he says.

Hastings says the beings are trying to send us a message.

“They are trying to let us know they can interfere with our weapons,” he says.

Aside from the UFO sightings in this part of Nebraska or the U.S. Hastings has also received information about UFOs sighted over nuclear weapons in Pakistan, the former U.S.S.R., Israel, India, France and the United Kingdom.

Think you have seen a UFO? You can contact Hastings at

* Special Thanks To Patrick Cossel & The Western Nebraska Observer

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