Thursday, March 03, 2011

UK Releases Previously Classified Documents on UFOs

UFO Drawing From British UFO Files Released 2011

By Charles Cooper
CBS News

     The British government has released 8,500 pages of previously classified documents detailing its decades-long effort to respond to public's insistence on the existence of unidentified flying objects.

Among other disclosures, the files reveal that the House of Lords held the only full debate on UFOs in the history of the British Parliament on the topic and that the country thought it was possibly facing an alien invasion in 1967.The papers also include messages from the British Government to the Prime Minister of Grenada responding to that nation's attempts to sponsor a debate on UFOs at the United Nations in 1977-78.

The documents also detail how the British Government began making official inquiries into UFOs starting in 1950 after receiving a number of flying saucer sightings. At the time, Britain's Ministry of Defense set up a secret working group called "The Flying Saucer Working Party" to monitor the sightings.. The existence of the group remained under wraps until 1988 when correspondence between Winston Churchill and the Air Ministry got opened.

"What does all this stuff about flying saucers amount to? What can it mean? What is the truth? Let me have a report at your convenience," Churchill wrote to his air defense chief at the time. . . .

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