Tuesday, March 15, 2011

UFO NEWS | Yet Another Jerusalem UFO Hoax Video Surfaces . . .


  1. Gads, folks. I've seen all of the Jerusalem UFO videos and have read all of these aka 'experts' claiming all of the videos are faked without proving it to layman, who are making the many hits, and I have posted four (4) of the names of the people who filmed three (3) of them, and the Mexican Ufologist (name spelling eludes me) has a 4th witness/Filmer who states that he didn't want to come forward out of fear, which is easy for me to understand, since he's Jewish and the Dome of the Rock is a Muslim shine, so why don't all of you 'experts' do what I did: dig around and find out that there ARE names of the witnesses out there and the several 'attempts' at showing us how to fake such a video leaves me sighing. Who is spreading more discontent? If you want to know the truth of a matter; you only have to knock upon the right door.

  2. jasonsos.

    In layman's terms:

    –There is absolutely no ancillary evidence in support of the bogus videos.

    –There is no provenance of the alleged evidence.

    –If such an event occurred there would be thousands of witnesses and reports; aside from that being blatantly obvious, there is a boatload of empirical evidence to support that inevitability, for example, we have hundreds of years of meteor, bollide and fireball reports lighting up the night skies, with corresponding witness accounts; these events in populous areas "never" go un-noticed.

    –In modern times, we have street cameras, ATM cameras, web-cams, police cams etc., not one of these caught anything usual, particularly the bright flash that would have been noticed even if one wasn't looking towards the Dome of The Rock.

    –The most damning evidence is in the videos themselves: not only is there duplicated data in the various videos (see videos 1 & 2); there is missing data between the various videos(see videos 1 & 2)–point of fact, this is impossible if you're supposedly filming something at from the same location at the same time.

    –In the 4th video (I think) if one steps through the frames, you'll notice that when the object flashes the luminance of the external (city) light sources dramatically increase so much so that they "bleed together." This is a tell for an "effect" re CGI, as this doesn't happen in the real world.

    –In contrast, see the video (http://tinyurl.com/4dacvfn) of a "real event," i.e., Hailey Idaho bolide; step through it slowly until the bolide starts to turn night into day–note the external light source–they're unaffected!

    –Moreover, thousands of people (witnesses) saw this even though it was after midnight; police stations et al were flooded with calls; many images were captured of the event, with surveillance cams, traffic cams, ATMs etc.

    –Finally, here is an example of how easy it was to make the bogus videos:



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