Friday, March 11, 2011

Tulsa's UFO Still Unidentified

Alan Smith's Photograph of Tulsa UFO 1965

World Scene Writer

The 1965 image was one of the first color photographs

     No further evidence of the UFOs was found, and the mystery remains to this day.

The following is a look at what is arguably the most famous UFO sighting in Tulsa's history. It happened in 1965.

The image that Alan Smith captured when he aimed his Boy Scout camera up toward the sky still meets all of the standard qualifications: What he saw that night remains unidentified; it was flying; and whatever it was, it was an object.

Writers of UFO journals and books in the past, as well as UFOlogists on multiple websites today, believe "the Tulsa photograph" to be among the first photographs of a UFO that was taken in color and at night, if not the first.

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  1. THERE is an explanation for this photo that I have posted for 5 years but it is always ignored. Google artist Clovis Trouille, the Red Poet, a painting from 1949. In the upper left hand part of the painting you will see the Smith UFO hovering over a castle complete with mote and dark knight. Many years before the photo was snapped. There can be on question about it. Its stroke for stroke. Print it out and see.


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