Friday, April 01, 2011

Jerusalem UFO Video: Case Closed

Jerusalem UFO Hoax Video

By Benjamin Radford

     In January of this year, a series of videos showing what appeared to be a UFO hovering over Jerusalem’s Dome of the Rock caused a stir. As Discovery News space producer Ian O’Neill wrote, "The footage shows the light drop and seemingly hover just above the shrine. After a few moments, and a brief flash of a strobe, the light took off, disappearing into the night sky. Videos have surfaced of the event and have since gone viral on YouTube."

Based upon my experience investigating images of UFOs and other "unexplained" phenomena, O'Neill asked for my analysis. I researched both the video and the circumstances surrounding it, and provided a list of reasons why I concluded that the videos were "almost certainly a hoax."

The reaction among UFO believers was both swift and dismissive. . . .

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