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UFO NEWS | VIDEO: Evidence Concerning Nuclear Missile Failure During UFO Event Forwarded To New York State Congressman

Bob Salas at Press Conference February 2011

By ZlandCommunications

Homeland Security Committee Chair Congressman Peter King sits on National Security Intelligence

     Toronto – March 2, 2011 - Captain Robert Salas USAF (Ret.) stunned a Los Angeles press conference by indicating that he and two other principals have faxed New York State Congressman Peter King- Chairman of the House of Representatives Committee on Homeland Security complete details, including signed affidavits and other intelligence, verifying how and when United States nuclear missiles have been compromised.

In March of 1967 ten nuclear missiles were shut-down (rendered to a ‘no-go’ status) after a craft of unknown origin breached the air-space over Malmstrom AFB in Montana. It hovered over the nuclear installation in plain sight of security police.

King, also a member of the House Intelligence committee, has been in possession of this national security intelligence since December 17, 2011. According to Captain Salas, he and the other principals involved in providing Congressman King with this intelligence continue to wait for a response from King.

Captain Robert Salas USAF (Ret.) discussed this matter and other former USAF officers’ encounters with craft of unknown origin over American nuclear installations at a February 23rd 2011 press conference in Los Angeles California.

The Incidents

In 1967 as a Deputy Missile Combat Crew Commander (DMCCC) at Malmstrom AFB in Montana, Captain Salas told of how he came to witness the unexplained shut-down of ten ICBM nuclear missilesafter his security team reported to him the presence of a large red glowing object hovering over the based perimeter in March of 1967.

Six other USAF officers experienced similar national security breaches in subsequent years at other nuclear installations in the USA and UK. Their signed and notarized affidavits to this effect are reported to have been unveiled at last Wednesday’s press conference in LA as well as at a press conference at the Washington Press Club September 27, 2010.
According to USAF Captain Robert Salas (Ret.) and the other six officers, the compromising of US nuclear weapons by unauthorized means – cannot be described as or considered anything else but a severe threat to US national security- especially when the cause of the breaches were ostensibly triggered by craft of unknown origin.

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