Friday, February 18, 2011

UFO Researcher Seeking Eyewitness Accounts | Calls For Washington To Drop Secrecy

Robert Hastings

By Klark Byrd
The Sidney Sun - Telegraph

     SIDNEY – There is an ages-old question more than a few men have spent their lives trying to answer: Are we alone in the cosmos?

Robert Hastings believes we are not.

And, he has compiled more than 120 eyewitness reports over nearly 40 years that say there isn’t just life out there – it has been here to visit.

UFOs and NukesHastings is a UFO sightings researcher, the operator of and the author of “UFOs and Nukes: Extraordinary Encounters At Nuclear Weapons Sites,” who says western Nebraska is no stranger to UFO visits – primarily driven by the density of missile sites in the area.

His research on the matter brought him to the Nebraska Panhandle in December of last year after he received numerous accounts of UFO sightings near the F.E. Warren Air Force Base missile field. During his four-day stay, he collected testimony from Sidney, Potter and Kimball residents.

“I have received over a dozen sighting reports in western Nebraska and southeast Wyoming near missile sites,” Hastings told The Sidney Sun-Telegraph in a telephone interview.

Those reports suggest that cigar-, cylindrical-, or triangle-shaped flying objects hovered near missile sites, or were seen flying or turning at speeds no known human aircraft could.

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