Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Jerusalem UFO Videos | Dome Of The Rock UFO: Hoaxes Are Easy

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By SkepticOverlord
Above Top Secret

     As the "Jerusalem UFO" incident flared-up to epic proportions here on ATS and elsewhere online, the majority of people ended up on the widely-accepted conclusion that the videos were hoaxes. However, a insistent and not-insignificant number of people where expressing a high-degree of skepticism regarding the hoax conclusion. An often-heard refrain from those unable to accept that the videos may be a hoax was that they've not seen a proper reconstruction of the effects used in the fabrication of a convincing video.

In just a tad more than two hours (yesterday evening, on a whim), I've used a combination of images found via a Google image search and the "out of the box" features of readily available software -- Motion 4 (part of the Final Cut Studio) on the Mac.

The images were overlaid on a 2D plan within a 3D space, and a standard software camera pointed at the long rectangular image.

A simple randomizing effect was used on the x/y parameters of the camera to simulate being hand-held. Basic blur effects were added to simulate a consumer video camera auto-focus.

Jerusalem UFO Video Still From ATS Recreation of Hoax The bright "object" is oblong with a glow, light, and rotation effect added.

Masks were used to create the simulated visual effect of the object's light having an effect on the surrounding area.

No other complicated 3D or lighting effects were used.

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