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"A Petition to the MUFON Board of Directors is Currently Circulating the MUFON Membership . . . . Demanding Changes Within the MUFON Board"

How To Take Down a UFO Organization 101

How To Take Down a UFO Organization 101

By James Carrion
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James Carrion     I have written before about the coming war between the Intelligence Agencies and Ufology and a series of recent events lead me to believe that this war which started some time ago is now in full battle.

You see, these intelligence agencies are absolutely obsessed with control and when an intelligence source like MUFON acts outside of the box the intelligence agencies would like to contain it in, then the gloves come off and the punches fly.

MUFON – an intelligence source? Yep, that is exactly how the US Air Force Office of Special Investigation (AFOSI) and other related three letter agency see any UFO organization that collects detailed data on strange things flying around our atmosphere. Of course, AFOSI knows what’s operating in US Air Space, but they want to control what data reaches say the Russians and the Chinese about what is flying around. AFOSI prefers that the general public think of it as a “UFO” and not the latest US stealth fighter or bomber, but of greater concern is what our less than believing and less than glazed eye enemy intelligence analysts glean from the published sighting data.

Recently, US Defense Secretary Robert Gates warned of the unanticipated advances in Chinese stealth technology that led to the development of the J-20 stealth fighter. Did the Chinese develop this technology of their own accord or did they “borrow” it through espionage and gleaning open intelligence sources. Regardless of how they did it, clamping down on any intelligence source foreign enemies can exploit is what keeps the AFOSI in business.

If an intelligence source cannot be contained, then the next logical action is to terminate it, the same way NICAP was, once it outlived its usefulness to those in the know and in control. MUFON has been around for 40 plus years and to bring down an established grass roots organization requires much more finesse with proven destabilization techniques and tools. Let me share some of those with you.

Tool # 1: Agent Provocateurs

An Agent Provocateur per Wikipedia’s definition is a person employed by the police or other entity to act undercover to entice or provoke another person to commit an illegal act. More generally, the term may refer to a person or group that seeks to discredit or harm another by provoking them to commit a wrong or rash action.

When I was the International Director of MUFON, a MUFON member who recently joined approached me with the alleged criminal record of a MUFON State Director. It was suggested that I use the criminal record information as grounds for removing the State Director. I did not.

Subsequently this State Director became very vocal and critical of anything that I did at MUFON beginning with his criticism of the Discovery Channel show “UFOs Over Earth” that I was involved in. He started a long and tireless campaign of spreading false information and inciting others within MUFON to action.

Then this State Director’s criminal record was released to other MUFON members from an anonymous email address (perpetrator now known) which unleashed another endless tirade of accusations against myself and the MUFON Board.

Now you are probably wondering where I am going with this? Consider for a moment that the new MUFON member who gave me a copy of the criminal record, the alleged State Director victim and the perpetrator of the anonymous email are all on the same intelligence agency payroll and you can get an idea of how a defamation and smear campaign works. Agent provocateurs can be very effective in inciting unrest inside of an organization. I think many in MUFON can put names to the characters. I will reveal their names in due time.

Does this sound paranoid to you? Maybe, but in the shadowy world of spies and counter-spies where a country’s national security is at stake, you best put your paranoid hat on, because anything is fair game.

Tool # 2: Rumor and Innuendo

Internet message boards like the Open Minds Forum, Above Top Secret and even MUFON’s own original message board (RIP) which are based on public postings from anonymous individuals are an excellent medium for keeping smear campaigns going. I have already posted many articles on my blog about the disinformation tactics used on these boards and the dangers of anonymity. Critical minds can normally read between the lines, but many do not.

Despite the dangers these open media sources pose for the truth, it was still a very bad idea for the new MUFON International Director to trash MUFON’s original board in favor of one that does not allow divergence of opinion or is too heavily moderated. Now the anonymous intelligence agency thugs active on the remaining boards can point to this as evidence of an organization that is more interested in its own image rather than in promoting open discourse and truth.

Of course the intelligence agencies like to have multiple data streams to push their message, so UFO email lists are also used to reinforce the intended message.

Tool # 3: Human Nature

It is human nature to become defensive when attacked especially if you feel you are outnumbered. Which defenses you mount will tell whether you repel the attack or are overrun. Sometimes the agencies will simply exploit ego or leadership style to ensure an intended result.

Clifford Clift has done an incredibly good job of causing dissent within MUFON’s ranks by firing productive State Directors, taking an authoritarian bureaucratic stance on managing MUFON's image at the expense of the truth, and is leading MUFON into dangerous waters by plotting a course that started with his actions trying to preserve the MUFON-BAASS relationship.

A petition to the MUFON Board of Directors is currently circulating the MUFON membership and across the Internet demanding changes within the MUFON Board. The ranks of MUFON are not happy.

Tool # 4: Person of Influence

A strategically placed individual on the MUFON Board can reinforce rumor and innuendo that organizational collapse is imminent, that the peasants are rising in revolt and that additional severe (but counterproductive) methods should be used to regain control. It is at this point that the organization is in most danger of sinking because without an ethical and moral compass, it is now floating aimlessly.

After I resigned from MUFON, I discovered that someone on the MUFON Board was leaking emails intended only for Board Members to an outside third party. Someone on the Board (perhaps the strategically placed individual) accused me of hijacking Board Member computers and being the source of the leak. The MUFON Board would rather believe that their computers were hijacked rather than consider that there is an inside mole.

End Game

If the MUFON Board and those critical minds within the organization can’t put up the proper defenses to the current Intelligence Agencies’ onslaught, in the end, yet another UFO organization will bite the dust, nothing but a page in the long and troubled history of the UFO conundrum. Perhaps another will rise to take its place and this time the watchers and handlers will take even greater care in ensuring its control. End game – Ufology loses, Intelligence Agencies win.

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