Saturday, January 08, 2011

MY UFO EXPERIENCE | Scottsdale, Arizona: "I Saw Something Strange in the Sky Around 9pm on 1/7/11"

My UFO Experience

Reader Submitted Report

     I saw something strange in the sky around 9pm on 1/7/11 in Scottsdale, Arizona and was wondering if others have witnessed this. Basically, I saw an orange light float slowly up from the horizon into the sky where it hovered than slowly disappeared. Than another light did the same thing. I witnessed 5 or six of these lights do the same thing in succession. The lights took the same path. The lights did not look like flares. I thought the first light I witnessed initially was a helicopter until it faded away and another light did the same thing. I called my wife to look at the lights as well so I was not the only one to see them. Please let me know if any others have seen these lights.


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