Saturday, January 08, 2011

DYING BIRD PHENOMENON | X-Files: Dead Birds, Dead Fish: What Does it Mean?


By Paul Roberts
The Sacramento Bee

     No, this didn't happen in Sacramento, but it could happen, read on:

It starts off in Arkansas on New Year's Eve. Birds fall from the sky, there is talk, there are rumors. Just over the horizon, something is brewing, something ominous. There is chatter on Facebook. What does this all mean?

Stories from reliable newspapers tell us that the birds seemed to hit an invisible wall, because the birds displayed hemorrhaging and blunt force trauma. Could it be that the birds hit a cloaked UFO that was traveling from Arkansas to Louisiana and back up to Kentucky? Or is the answer much more mundane, that the blunt force trauma is from hitting the ground? I, for one like the cloak UFO theory, it just sounds more intriguing.

I turn on CNN News and HLN News, the talk of dead birds and dead fish is all over the news. Theories abound, the birds that died in Italy may have been poisoned. Birds on the East Coast may have died because of the cold weather. Other possible theories are: hypoxia, disorientation, hail, lightning and powerlines, sudden up wind drafts, fireworks that may have caused this avian and aquatic carnage.

Conspiracy theorists salivate to the idea that possibly HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) was the cause of this madness. Checking the blogs, people that were experiencing the 11:11 phenomenon are now living a life of normalcy, they do not see 11:11 wherever they go. Theorists believe that the reason they stopped experiencing the 11:11 phenomenon is because 11:11 is here...January 1, 2011 and to usher in this new age of the apocalypse, it is raining down birds and the waters spew dead fish.

Biblical prophesy says:

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