Tuesday, January 11, 2011

DYING BIRD PHENOMENON | California is The Latest To Report Mystery Deaths

Dead Birds On Highway 101, South of Geyserville 1-8-2011

More than 100 dead birds found off Calif. highway


     GEYSERVILLE, Calif. -- California wildlife officials are trying to figure out what caused the death of more than 100 birds found clustered together just off Highway 101.

The Santa Rosa Press Democrat reports that California Highway Patrol officers found the dead birds near the roadway on Saturday and called in the state Department of Fish and Game to investigate.

The officers who found the birds described them as small with brown and black feathers. They were intact and had not been shot.

The reports come as other, larger bird deaths have been reported in Arkansas, Louisiana and other states.

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Sonoma County mystery: What killed 100 birds near Geyserville?


     While scientists and specialists are investigating why massive numbers of birds have dropped dead from the sky elsewhere in the country, Sonoma County now has its own bird deaths mystery to solve, reported the CHP.

More than 100 birds were found dead Saturday afternoon clustered on the ground off of Highway 101, south of Geyserville, Officer Jon Sloat reported Monday.

Officers responded to Independence Lane at about 2:30 p.m. Saturday and found dozens of birds dead on and around the roadway.

The California Department of Fish and Game was notified and a local warden responded. He took several of the birds away to be identified and tested by a biologist, Sloat said.

The birds all appeared to be the same type, small with feathers in brown and black, according to photos taken by officers.

The birds hadn't been shot and most were intact, officers reported.

What caused the deaths wasn't clear Saturday.

Immediate attempts to reach Fish and Game were not successful.

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  1. In the article, it concludes "Scientists say mass die-offs of wildlife happen regularly, and are usually unrelated and unreported."

    If that is so why am I not aware of hearing about this before? Has anyone else? And what about the fish? "scientists say'....? HAH they dont even know what it *is*??


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