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Research Encouragement from a Middle School

Research Encouragement from a Middle School

By Dennis Balthaser
© 12-18-10

Dennis Balthaser     Doing UFO research is at times extremely frustrating for me due to the continued denial of truth by the government and military, the “woo-woo” types that have infiltrated serious research, and the small town politics and egos surrounding Roswell and the UFO Museum.

Fortunately, young people continue to come to my rescue by writing to me and asking for assistance in doing school project reports on the subject of Ufology. This has been of such importance to me over the years, that I have devoted a section of my web site to “Kids Speaking Out About UFOs”, where I post their reports when complete. These young students and their teachers give me encouragement that the future, with their desire for knowledge, is more important than the debunkers, skeptics and critics we’ve had to deal with for many years.

Below is a list of questions and my answers I received from a middle school back east that I want to share with you:

Mr. Balthaser,
Here are the questions. Thanks again for doing this interview.
1. What connections are there between the Mogul project and the Roswell crash, besides the government's claim that they are the same object?

There is no connection. The Mogul balloon project excuse for the Roswell Incident has been disproven. The material in the photo taken in General Ramey's office on the floor is part of a weather balloon and contains no material from a Mogul balloon. Additionally, the particular launch of a Mogul balloon referenced by the government and skeptics was cancelled due to weather conditions.

2. Reports from the government seem vague, is there anything they seem to be leaving out?

Yes, what they are leaving out is the truth about what actually crashed on the Foster ranch. We've been given 4 excuses over the past 64 years by the Air Force and government. July 8, 1947 newspaper article in most afternoon papers west of Chicago stated we had captured and had in our possession a flying saucer. The next day July 9th, newspaper articles in the morning papers east of Chicago said it was a weather balloon. In 1994 the Air Force report stated it was a Mogul balloon, and finally in 1997 the Air Force said the bodies were anthroporphic crash test dummies. Don't be surprised if we are given another excuse.

3. In your words, what effects does this secrecy have on the public?

The cover-up of UFOs (flying saucers) is only one of many things the government has lied to the public about during the past 30-40 years. In 1947 people trusted and respected the government---today that trust has diminished as shown in current surveys about the mistrust of our government.

4. What is your explanation of the supplies found at the site? (Indestructible foil, engravings in wood, etc.)

Those type materials were described by numerous first hand witnesses as being materials no one had ever seen or were familiar with. Today we have fiber optics, metal that has memory, etc, which didn't exist in 1947.

5. Is there any solid evidence of ET's captured from the crash?

Yes, from 1st hand witnesses that claim to have actually seen bodies, described as child size, with larger than normal heads, large eyes and approximately 3 ½ - 4’ tall.

6. Through our research, we learned that the vehicle recovered from the site was unable to be started. Why? What does this prove?

There was no craft recovered, but rather pieces of debris scattered over a field several hundred yards wide by 3/4 mile long.

7. What type of information would prevent the disclosure of this event?

Our government will not admit to anything existing that they cannot control, and if these craft have been visiting us as long as many believe and continue to do so, our government cannot do anything to stop it. Who in our government would, or will admit that they have been lieing to us for the past 64 years about the Roswell Incident and other things? More importantly, it is my theory that whatever was recovered will not be disclosed or admitted to until the military has the complete advantage of such technology, which I don't believe they have yet. (Propulsion and guidance systems, where they are from, and what their motive is.)

8. Why is the government trying so hard to keep this a secret?

For the military advantage of having such technology and knowledge. You can't tell your friends your secrets without telling your enemies.

9. Is there any connection between the atomic bomb test and the Roswell crash?

Many believe there is a connection, since the atomic bomb was tested less than 100 miles south of Roswell in 1945, and they could have been sitting out there wondering what these clowns on earth were up to. The atomic bomb consisted of 50,000 people and the secret was kept for 10 years. Area 51, the secret base in Nevada was opened by the CIA in 1955 to test the U-2 aircraft and we found out about it in the 1980's through a Russian satellite photo. The F-117 stealth airplane was on the drawing boards in 1973 and we learned of it during the Gulf war in 1991, so the government is very capable of keeping secrets.

10. If there are ET's, why would the government keep them a secret?

Same answer as question 7 above---CONTROL....

11. Is there anything of extreme value that would come from having alien bodies and alien materials on earth?

Yes, medical information, technological information, time travel, etc., etc. To get here from wherever they are from would mean they are 100s, thousands, perhaps 10s of thousands of years ahead of us, since we can't go there yet.

12. Does the crash test dummy story provide a good explanation of the bodies recovered?

None...the Air Force shot themselves in the foot with that excuse, since the dummies weren't used until 1953, (6 years after the Roswell Incident).

13. Was the balloon in the picture with Maj. Jesse Marcel the same wreckage found in the crash?

No, and until Major Marcel’s death he insisted the material he was forced to pose with for the pictures in General Ramey’s office was not the material he brought from Roswell to General Ramey’s office. The brown paper the material is laying on is off a new roll of paper not from a wrapped package brought from Roswell, and an unopened package is seen against the wall in several of the photos.

14. Why has the government been so hostile towards witnesses?

Threatening people appears to be a good way to silence witnesses, through their retirement, their safety and the safety of their family members.

15. Why are there so many alleged crash sites?

Various rumors and stories have developed over the years. My thinking is that the craft crashed (debris found on the Foster ranch), and the bodies were discovered within a mile of that site, possibly being ejected in a capsule, knowing they were crashing. I put no confidence in any other sites mentioned due to not having any reliable witness testimony about them.

16. How much was the president involved?

The President of the United States is not cleared for this type information. The President is a temporary employee ( 8 years max.), and cannot be trusted with this information. Each President is probably made aware of ET existence, but not details. Many Presidents have tried to go public with UFO information but were silenced such as Carter, Ford, Reagan, Kennedy and Clinton. Bush Sr. might have known the most having been head of the CIA before becoming President. Reagan had meetings with Russia's Gorbachov about UFO and was told to be quiet after addressing the United Nations on the subject of UFOs.

17. We read that at the president's signature was forged. Is this true? How much evidence of this is there?

It appears that Truman's signature might have been lifted from another document for the MJ-12 papers. That is still debatable, although it appears to be true.
xxxxxxx Middle School
With these type questions from young students, perhaps the truth will someday be made public.

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