Thursday, October 21, 2010

MY UFO EXPERIENCE | Tonight Over Addison Texas: "I Saw a Weird Oblong Shape Flying Across the Sky . . . It Was Silent and had a Silver Shine to It"

My UFO Experience
Reader Submitted Report

     Was walking my dog around the apartment complex this afternoon at 6pm and since I have been wanting to see a UFO for myself, I always look up at the sky.

Well this time, I saw a weird oblong shape flying across the sky from south to north, near Spring Valley Road and Marsh Lane. It was silent and had a silver shine to it and as it passed by and ascended into the clouds, I am sure I saw some red on it.

It was silent and about the size of a small private plane but without the wings and tail. As I am situated between three airports, DFW. Love field and Addison I am used to seeing and hearing planes flying overhead but this was not a plane and it reminded me of a probe.

I watched it for about three minutes until it disappeared into the higher clouds. Right after that, a Southwest plane flew over but it was on a lower flight path so this UFO was on a higher flight path. I am hoping someone else saw it today Monday the 18th October.

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